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Astrologer Kapil Sharma Jaipur, Rajasthan

Pandit Kapil Sharma from Plot No. 9, Shyam Nagar,Jaipur, Rajasthan ( is a complete fake and mock artist. Don’t look at the online reviews – they are all fake with fake photos also. Whenever you call him, he is out shopping. When he is praying, you can hear his kid crying and wife talking in the background. He tells you that you have to give him money to start the procedure and gives a guarantee of a few days for a solution and then later calls to tell you that the situation is more severe and more prayers and funds are needed to fix the situation. He keeps demanding money and asks you to pay using another name that does not belong to him. He is a complete fake, and everyone please be cautious of him before you give him even one rupee.

Kapil, you can hide from the world but you can’t hide from God. You use God’s name to trick innocent people who are desperate for a solution, and steal their money. God will make you pay for this hideous crime you have done.


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