Planet Innovation Technologies – doing fraud & doing scam by cheating people

This company person has called us for the web site designing for e-commerce site as we have given the ads in the quikr & olx that we are looking for website designer. Company person told that it will charge 15, 000 for the website designer. We have made the half payment to the company & we have told that after finishing we will pay the full amount. After completing the website work, we have paid the complete amount to Managing Director (V. Raj Vihari) of that company. As said by him, that we there company is providing the backdoor jobs in IBM for if you are interested you can apply for the job. So we have paid 2 lakhs to him on 11-Sep-2013. After taking the payment, he left out station, when I am calling him. He is not lifting up the call. Now he is saying that I have not given any money to him. I need my complete money back Rs.2, 15, 000/- as he his not given any services for the website services & he changed all admin & cpanel password details also. I want to book the complaint against him that this company is doing fraud & doing scam by cheating the people. Please recommending you to seal this type of company. In future no one should suffer with this kind of situation.

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  1. Yes, “Planet Innovation Technologies” is a fraud company. The M.D. Raj Vihari is a fraud, he wants to make some money with out paying to his employs. I am freelancer, he hired me as an part time employ for 20 k/month. He did’t pay even a single month for me. I worked day and night to complete his projects. From the first month itslef he started blaming me that “I have no fund to pay salary. I will pay you next month”. I worked for him for two months. I trusted him, but he cheated me. Now i request one thing. He must be punished.