Platinum Circle & Mega Deals – Fraud company

Hi All, Platinum Circle and Mega Deals are two fraud companies in New Delhi. Membership is taken in the name of Platinum Circle and Booking is done in the name of Mega Deals. Both are farud companies. I am one of the affected person by them. I have also been cornered to take the membership saying its a offer from HDFC credit card .I had sent booking request twice and got reply that there is no booking available for the dates.Inspite of giving 3 date & location options, even called the helpline of mega deals before sending the request finally got response saying no booking available for the dates.After all these fraud activities they I got a call from mega deals asking me to upgrade the membership for Rs.6500/- so that the booking is guaranteed. Pls dont get trapped by these call/companies.Pass on this information to all your friends and relatives.Also post messages about this fraud compaines in the social network sites such as facebook, twitter etc. Atleast let other are not affected by these fraud companies and lets create awareness. Saravanan.I

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  1. I agree with you my friend. I am also trapped into this scam. I got this call last year and they debited my account with SBI. When I sent them mails for enquiry, they respond saying they you have to send the voucher with DD to their address. Once you send them, they will not get back and when you send them mails, they will give excuses and escape. The helpline number is not reachable at all.

    Can somebody in Delhi trash those bastards. Plz dont get trapped into this scam.