Please dont Trust Saavari Car Rentals

Please dont Trust Saavari Car Rentals Hi, I would like to narrate a very bad experience with Savvari Car Rental Company headed by Gaurav Aggarwal.A newly funded start up in India which Intel capital funded 65 Million USD and other investors. I logged on their website was overwhelmed by looking at the claims like clean and well maintained car, well mannered and english speaking drivers.I booked a package for a AC car -4 hrs and 40kms almost 6hrs in advance.I was surprised to recieve a call from a local roadside driver who didnt know to speak proper english and also local language.He also didnt know the location.I was patient enough and guided him to my place and the best surprise was a non ac car which had torn seats and dented car.I was furious, as I had expected the car to be in a good condition and a Ac car.I had booked the car primarily to take my clients out and was shocked at the way Savaari presented it to the customer.I called the call centre, they werent patient enough and never acknowledged for their mistake.They asked me to speak to their operations team in Dehradun, they started giving difffernt numbers to call and complaint.I was patient enough and called the numbers but the numbers were wrong number.Finally I got hold of a gentleman called Atul, he said, sorry sir we cannnot arrange the vehicle as the second vehicle sent has broke down and we dont have any vehicles.I told him because of Saavari I lost 3 lacs INR as a loss, he said I dont care.I have decided never again would use Saavari and would recommend not to use Saavari to my close freinds and family.So people beware of using Saavari and dont go by what their website talks off.I want to bring this to the notice of Gaurav Aggarwal and investors who invested in him and please dont take people for a ride and please also understand we book cabs for urgency not for leisure.Dont take consumers granted.Hope Gaurav and his investors are listening. Regars Aryan

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  1. Dear Dude,

    Gaurav’s Aggarwals number is 8025873485. Well Gaurav does not care about it anyway best of luck and Atul is the call center manager