Pm Dimensions Pvt. Ltd. – serious fraud to the young engineers

If there is any kind of law in this country to prevent young engineers’ career from this kind of fraud company then please we request you to protect them. pm dimensions recruits young engineers by saying they will provide the job grantee for CNEP, CSEP, CFD programs and after joining they cut the salary without any intimation, they provide salary every 2 months, they cut the tax on whole CTC per annum but not paying full CTC amount to the employees. They are having almost 200 employees but no PF/ESIC deduction and most important thing everybody sitting on bench and they do not provide the work to employees and mentally harassed them by mail or by personally calling them specially to mumbai for threatening them and uses abusive words to the employees. We request you to take necessary action against this company if any humanity remained in the government.

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  1. after all these, these pigs are not understanding at all…PMD is the kind of worst company and the worst ever CEO Makarand in this wold…PMD have not paid salary since October-2013 to till date and now they have found another route to escape from their responsiibilities…they have issued form to all employees(CNEP, CSEP, CFD course students) and told them that you have to sign that form in which mentioned that from now onwards Loan liabilities wont be under PMD and students are responsible to pay the loans despite PMD have given the job guarantee and loan repayment guarantee…seriou fraud and no one is looking to stop it…this can happen in INDIA only..we request you to lodge our complaint for these kind of serious fraud and save the young students from these kind of frauds…