Prabhavathi Builders – Prabhavathi Builders – Rowdism with Customers

Hi Team, I work for HP, Electronic City as software engineer. This is a complaint against Prabhavathi Builders. I’ve baught three flats in their project named “Prabhavathi Meridian” in Electronic City Phase 1, Bangalore. T10, F12 and G18. Till now whatever work has been done, has a lot of flaws. Some of them are: 1. Most of the walls are not 100% vertical. 2. There’s water seepage in even the completed flats, because of which all the interior wood work is damaged. 3. There’s no lift even after 8 months of giving possession for the completed flats. There’s no indicatio of starting the work as well. The gave a commitment letter saying that they will complete pending works, but they did not keep their promise. They committed that they will complete and handover by Jul 2012. It’s Aug 2013, and F12 and G18 are still not complete. They finally gave on Mar 16, 2013, a commitment letter, which is attached with this complaint, stating that G18 and F12 will be completed by May 15, 2013, else pay the prevailing rent to these two flats. But when asked to pay, I was simply denied and they are saying that they will not even a single penny. There’s no indication of completing the project anytime soon. If you notice in that commitment letter, you will see that it has been given only to extract some immediate money from me. Yesterday on Aug 24, 2013, when Builder’s MD was invited, his Partner, Mr Mahesh came to discuss on pending items, he was very rude and rough with all of the customers. When I asked when they will complete, thee didn’t gave any proper answer and when I did mentioned to my friends, that it is useless talking to these guys, as every month one or the other person from Builder’s office visit and they give some false commitments, and lets try to meet up Praveen, who has got all the payments for 110 flats, and promised completion in July 2012, Mr Mahesh, pushed me by shoulder and threatened in front of my friends, saying that I should not raise my voice. When I asked him to not to touch one more time, he deliberately and even more roughly pushed me by my shoulder, and asked me “What will you do, if I touch you. You can’t do a anything”. He pushed me again over shoulder for third time. This is the kind of treatment we get after paying our money to them. I just want the following from them: 1. Complete and handover the flats F12 and G18 and other common ameneties promised as per their brochure 2. Pay the complete compensation as agreed in their commitment letter 3. Pay the compensation for the insult that Mr Mahesh did to me by roughly pushing me over shoulder thrice. Please get me justice. Regards, Mahmood Hassan

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  1. OMG..thank God i read this..i was about to book a flat from i have cancelled my plan..i have been hearing lot of bad reviews about prabhavati..cant trust any builders..

    1. Sir,
      What it happen on the same day we try to Complete the project but in between our one of Contractor got accident due to miss use all that has been Happen but by the end of the day we have given our best Completed apartment in your hand but did speak about that

      We are Coming up with best apartment concepts with in a selected areas in the city with Affordable prices if you Check our projects Completed or on going the best place with best price you will get speak to me once i will solve any problem you have in the company then you can ask me any Question i will solve it

      this is my no 9036861113

  2. I too had a similar experience with Prabhavathi Builders. Never go for the prabhavathi builder for any of their projects. I did a big mistake of booking a flat in one of their projects named, paramount. These guys are big time frauds. Only during selling they smile and lie about good quality and completing the project. They have used sub-standard quality materials in all of their prjects to save money. They have delayed all their prjects atleast by 2 years and the responce they give to their customers is pathetic. They are very rude after getting enough money. They put the money in their pocket and then they try to pull more money from the customers, otherwise they threaten saying do whatever u want, we are powerful. they are big time cheaters and bastards.

  3. Hi friends i am very satisfied customer of prabhavathi lotus, delay is common in all the builders, but you have to see the price also right, and builder will not behave harshly untill and unless we behave harshly towards them. for any problem just walk in to builder office and try to sort it, simply sitting in one place and giving negative comments is not fair for any one.

    1. Hi,
      If you are satisfied customer then please provide your identity and also disclose the project name. I am sure either employee of the builder or someelse . It is really not possible. we are also facing the same but the behavior of mahesh really quite bad. I would requets you to file a case against them. do not waste time.
      I have a experience with other builder, I immediately filed case and then they returned the money with interest. Please also take the help of media/social media. It is really enough.
      I am from lotus apartment and they are showing this is completed. Please come and check why they are saying this is complete. If they say they are taking less money then I would say they should check the area which they are procividing. For 460 sqft they are charging 14 lac and carpet area is only 358 sqft.

      Lotus apartment.

    2. Hi friends,

      All positive comments are given by the Prabhavathi Staff.. Dont believe it…

      I too had same kind of experience.. Still there are lot of people suffering including me..

      The building they are constructing will not last long… Please go and see their project constructed 3 years back…

  4. I have booked in Bless-1 i have Satisfied with amount what i have spent now i have done wood work to my apartment now i have satisfied with my home!!!

    1. those who have booked flats in prabhavati share there number???
      I am planning to book in prbhavati krishna in jpnagar 7th phase..


      1. Hi please do not think about prabavathi Builders i am one of the staff was with them and resigned in very short time with in a week what evver they promise they will never give if project is delayed that is ok but this builders will never give you what they have promised and quality of construction is very bad they dont even know the basic of foot work and walls are not proper finished, Flooring quality is not good over all its wast of time to think about Prabhavathi Builders and there are few Executive Name Pandy, Siraj, Mandal, Mohan these ppl dont have good qualitys at all and they call them self as Teamleaders not fit for security job, These ppl dont even know wat they talk and wat they commit and the value of customer and they sentiments of making homes they collect money from customers and adjust in the final amount collected money is for they personal not documented they also have one AGM called as Pinto he is an other wast idiot he him self booked falt with this Builders and joined As AGM with Prabhavathi Builders. People Please do not think about Prabhavathi Builders 0 ZERO Qualities they have builders as welll employs once you buy it cant be sold ro others or cant let it for rent.
        I advice there are other Builders who gives you good quality and keep up they commitment with customer at least go with CREDAI builders your safe.

        Thanking you

        1. Hi Prashad

          As per our record we did not have any Person Name Prashad who has resigned in last two weeks. Just to let you know that at Prabhavathi we do not respect Dishonest Person. We think that you are one of our Competitor who just wants to Destroy our Brand and Spread Bad Rumors about the Brand and company. As you have mentioned that the company is very bad but you have not mentioned why within a short span of time you left the company. If at all you have worked with us for one week then I am sure that you are not at all aware of the company details within this period. We are also sure that you will agree with me that no one is 100% perfect and we always respect our customers. The second Point of view is the customer joining the organization is because of the trust and Service that he has received from Prabhavathi Builders and that is the reason they wants to get associated with us. Delay In project is common in Construction Industry as we always need to check for our demands and Supply. We are a company which has always offered affordable housing to our customer and will continue to do so. As per the comment put by you we do not find that you were associated with us anytime. It will be really good if you stop spreading rumors and start competing with us as per our business.

          1. That’s fine but what about the rowdism that ia mentioned? I have bought a flat from you too and till now it’s not delivered after 2yrs wait.. no work has progressed!

          2. That’s fine but what about the rowdism that ia mentioned? I have bought a flat from you at Fern and till now it’s not delivered after 2yrs wait.. no work has progressed! Quality of work is poor and pathetic. Walls are not vertical everywhere.. frames are fit cross.. flooring has come out even before possession.. plastering is horrible. Customer service guys ar so rude they act like we are their slaves.

          3. It’s not a rumour. I’m one of your customers and you have cheated us throughly! our customer service rep Kaushik was a complete prick. He gave me false promises. i booked fern in 2012 and still not got possesion. Will you give me the conpensation for delay? I hope you will answer ..

  5. I purchased flat from woods and my experience is not so good with them. They will complete the flat but there is a delay of 1 to 2 years but this is a common issue with all the builders.

    Price is less so the quality also medium and you should have lot of patience and time to deal with this builder.

    Anyhow I am looking to buy one more from this builder


    1. Hi Deepak,

      I believe , I know you and believe you are resident of lotus apartment. I understand you are the employee of the prabhavathi builder. Because individually you are very good human being.
      If am wrong here. Please write your project and also your jobprofession.

      All, There are some employee of the prabhavathi builder those booked the flat in their project.
      So offcourse they will never say anything bad about them. Because there is nothing to say anything good about them.
      If the price is less please see the area whichever they are giving. Obviously if the area will be less cost will be less. Their talking way is very unprofessional Even from the managers. So before buying the flat please consult with the resident those are already facing the issue. One more suggestion do not go with them to meet customer. Because they let you meet the someone who is internal agent for them. Ex. employee of the builder who also booked the flat in the project. Because it is very comic moment for me as I am seeing the positive comment here. Which is really not possible. One of the manager kaushik says the Agreement letter is bullshit between builder and buyer.
      My suggestion is to developer’s representative. Instead of doing the labour here by dropping these kind of good comments(those are really fake). Please concentrate on the customer service and also fulfill the expectation of the customer those you have been promised.

      Resident Pride apartment

  7. Hi All

    After going through all the reviews I was also planning to drop my booking with Prabhavathi Builders, but Before I doing that I thought of meeting the people over there. I was surprised to see the improvement about the service and the offerings of the Product. I finally booked my Flat. I just want to suggest you guys that every builders have there own issues, which leads the project got delayed. issues like supplies and Demand, also government Approvals etc, but at least they are building our Dream Home and not cheating people, like Dream Infra which only shows empty Land and offerings are too many. What I think that nothings comes free in this world, and its better to invest little more rather getting cheated and loosing money permanently. Finally I am happy as this is worth investing my money with a Builder who really helps to get your dream home.


  8. Hi Everyone,
    I am residing at Prabhavathi builders one of the completed apartment (Lotus).
    I wish to invite the people here, who all are planning to buy flat from Prabhavathi Builders.
    Buyers can check the quality of the work in one of the completed project, later point you can decide whether need to invest in Prabhavathi Builders project or not.
    Prabhavathi Lotus
    Lake City Layout
    Bangalore – 560076

    1. There is delay in all their projects. Thank god i Dint buy.. one of my friends bought their flat and is suffering like anything.

  9. Karthik Sharma

    Hiii Everyone,

    I booked a 2BHK flat 1000sft dimension of Prabhavathi Builder which is named by of Project Shri Krishna which is located in JP Nagar 7th Phase near Brigade Millenium Appartment which is superb location. i’m really influenced by their building construction material quality. Main thing of this builder which is having very affordable prices are given by them which that anyone who belongs to middle class person can afford and complete their dream with their own flat in Bangalore HI-Tech city. Thats why i referred to my some friends to visit the property and make a society. I read out all the comments whatever they have written above i’m completely not satisfied with their thought. So that believe yourself and go for it . May be my refernce will come helpfull to all of you.

    Karthik Sharma

  10. prasanna shetty

    I booked a flat in Prabhavathi builders project on 2nd floor 1170sft named by COMFORT which is located in Begur Road ….Near St. Francis school …which is in super location …even I got it in a very good price and after i suggested to my one friend to booked in prabhavthi comfort .I think nobody will give in such like location and also a affordable price ….after going threw all the comments i decided to drop my plan but when I saw the project and location and disscussed with management of the company ..then i decided to booked ….and whatever they have committed they have also given to in a letter head …..I think they do not give any wrong commitment …I m agree that no one is 100% perfect but I m satisfy with this builders…

  11. manimala chindanur

    I purchased a flat in Prabhavathi Royal Gardenia ,It’s in a good location . I bought it for a good price.I had a negative thought when I read the previous comment. and when i checked with my friend who had already booked in Prabhavathi Comfort and also i disscussed with him and then my negative thought changed to positive .Then i went to Prabhavathi office where I got to know how the company works with a good policy.

  12. Hi…
    Myself Veeresh Gowda, on doing our home deals with PRABHAVATHI BUILDERS Was my good journey and it was more than my hope. In beginning I and my wife were not able to decide whether we have to go. Once I saw add about… newspaper with very reasonable cost price of 1/2/3 BHK home. We went to their office and there also I saw many happy customers response. And finally we decided to buy the flat in prabhavathi Royal gardenia.whivh in sarjapur rd in super location .

  13. jayalaxmi reddy

    This is Jayalaxmi….. I booked a 2 BHK flat in Begur rd project named by Spring Field with all luxury ammenities before 5 moths back and now construction is going on with flow of work and hope it with complete within few months. All Prabhavthi project flats have always fewer prices compare to the market price. It’s really stress free journey with them in compare to other buiders.Prabhavthi Builder is tremendous and sparkling builder in South Bangalore. Because of their work they are popular in Bangalore city. Their team is very proficient, artistic and experienced.

  14. Hi Guys.
    I M Nithin Kumar an existing customer of prabhavathi lotus-2. Ago 3 months I booked the flat in Prabhavathi.When I started my job in Bangalore I was dreaming to own a home in the city. But it was very tough for me due to sky rise of property price. Most the residential projects in the city was out of my budget range. One day I saw from advertisement that Prabhavathi Builders offers flats at very low price. So I went to their office and talked to managers. After that I booked a 2BHK flat.

  15. Hi everyone….
    This is Shyamala seth..Basically I m frm Kerala .. Frm Last 5 years i m working in a software company in b’lore.I heard about Prabhavathi builders for the first time from my friend who had booked a flat with them. After long interesting discussions we trusted them. The land was still not registered and I knew I was taking a big risk. The constructions are going in full pace. I am sure Prabhavathi Builders delivers what they assure you.”.

  16. Hi everyone….
    This is Irshad Ahmed, I am working as an IT professional in Bangalore. Like everybody, I too had a dream of owning a flat in Bangalore. However, going by the property prices in Bangalore currently, it was difficult for me to zero in on any property. I was in fact in a dilemma whether I should go for a property in Bangalore or not. After doing a lot of research I got to know about Prabhavathi Builders. I got to know about a underconstruction offer from. I wondered how the company was offering a flat at such a cheap rate. Then I decided to take a risk and decided to book a flat in Prabhavthi fern. I believe that taking the risk was worthwhile. I received all the related documents regarding the property. I feel great to be part of the Prabhavathi Group.Now I m about to shifting in my home

    1. WHich flat Sir? Im from fern it’s still not completed. Clearly you’re lying. Fern is still under progress. i booked 2yrs back. You are not a part of fern owners associations. Are you a labour and fern? only they have shifted in fern

    2. WHich flat Sir? Im from fern it’s still not completed. Clearly you’re lying. Fern is still under progress. i booked 2yrs back. You are not a part of fern owners associations. Are you a labour and fern? only they have shifted in fern. In fact Im at fern site. and laughing at you. Such a liar

  17. “My name is vijay.I m from UP. I work as an HR Manager. For 2 years every Saturday & Sunday I used to be busy with visiting different builders for purchasing a flat. Meanwhile I saw Prbahavathi project electronicity. I immediately felt with their reasonable prices, it can be only that Prabhavathi can fulfill my dreams of owning a flat. Their concept was lovely and I was very impressed. They have really helped us with everything. They care for their customers. I am very happy to be a part of Prabhavathi and welcome you all to be a part of them.”

  18. My name is Vikas Mishra .Basically i m frm up since last 4 years I have been working as an HR Manager. From past two years, I used to read properties ads that are published in weekends (on Saturday and Sunday). Every day I used to look for apartments in locations like Chandapura and Electronic City but I was not satisfied. One day, I came across prabhavathi apartments in Begur road. As the company name is prabhavathi , stands out to fulfill the dreams of the common man to own a home in Bangalore City. When I came to know about Dreamz Infra, I got a sense that prabhavathi will make my dream of owning a home into a real. Later, I met the marketing executive of the company, the executives came to my house and explained me everything about their projects in detail. I was impressed very much with their projects that are designed in such a way that it will suit all the budget class people like the high-class, middle-class, and lower-middle-class people. I liked this concept and booked a flat in one of their projects, I really appreciate the service provided by prabhavathi, and they gave sale agreement and availed loan from LIC. I am privileged to say that I am the first customer of Prabhavathi to get the flat registered in my name. I am really happy for that and I feel proud and privileged to be the first customer of Prabhavathi . Each project of Prabhavathi is unique with different concept and they build flats that are suitable and affordable for customers and are not concerned about their profits unlike other builders. I have studied and observed the company thoroughly and deeply, the main concept of Prabhavathi is customer satisfaction along with their growth. The company is growing tremendously and has around 23 projects within a period of 8-9months, which is great achievement by Prabhavathi builders and I am very proud that I am part of .Prabhavathi builders Thanks a lot.

    1. Prabhavati builders are complete cheats! I have booked a flat with them at Fern project 2yrs and still not delivered. Customer service reps are so rude. every month new guy joins along.
      Quality of work: Extra poor. Walls are not vertical door and window frames are cut visibly slant. Plastering work is horrible. Material used are cheap and poor quality. Project engineer has no answers to queries and always messes up. parking space was promised bigger than they are now alloting much lesser. Complete cheating! NO compensation for extreme delay! No clue of lift till today!. No water connection and no drainage connection provided. Temporary pits made which will not last longer.

      Highly advice not to buy any property from them! They are sweet only until you book. Moreover, homes with bad quality is a waste of investment. I deeply regret my decision of choosing their project.

  19. Hi. This is vikas Mishra. I have recently booked a flat in Prabhavathi builders in the month of December. In the beginning, I had a lot of worries as to whether I should buy a flat or not. I was also confused as to which builder I should approach. Finally, I chose Prabhavathi . I have been receiving outstanding services from Prabhavathi. They have given value for my money. They have also instilled a great sense of confidence in me as they have updated me from time to time on all the queries raised be me. They have updated me on the minutest developments from time to time which has instilled a great sense confidence in me. My overall experience with Prabhavathi is unforgettable and I am glad that my dream is coming true very soon of owning a flat”.

    1. Hi,
      Can i talk to you for feedback on Prabhavathi builders. I am planning to buy a flat from them and wanted to discuss few of my worries.

  20. hi myself Dr dinesh roye… I have booked a flat in one of the projects of Prabhavathi called Royal Gardenia in Sarjapura Road. Initially, when I came to know about Prabhavathi prices at which they were offering flats, I was confused little bit whether to go for this or not. One fine day, I just walked-in to their office and met a person called SHarath he was a very honest, simple, and down-to-earth person, who explained to me the pros and cons of going for larger projects, medium size projects and smaller projects and the advantages of being an early investor in these projects. So, I decided to go for a project, which was at a very smoothand starting stage and I decided to book a flat during the month of December. From the moment I bookeda flat, I am getting all the support from team and they have provided with all the documentation and have kept their promise and words. They also make sure that as an investor, we are comfortable and especially the sales team and CRM team; they were at your service and they came down to my place, which was time saving for me and avoided me coming to their office frequently and ensure that everythingis in place. When I decided to buy a property in Bangalore; I went for different options, but I was not satisfied with the growth of my money when I invested in apartment or flat. But, Prabhavathi’ price which they are offering flats is really great and attractive, which has given me a feel that my money
    growing. I recommend Prabhavathi highly. Thanks for all the services provided to me by Prabhavathi and I look forward for the completion of the project in which I have booked my flat. Thank you  Prabhavathi group

  21. ” Hi, this is Suhash Joshi . I am a proud member of Prabhavathifamily. In the beginning; I was doubtful about the company, but I listened to my first gut and took courage and visited Prabhavathi office and discusswith their staffs and all my doubts were clarified and I got answers for all my questions. Finally, they took me for site visit, I visited Bannerghatta road Project caled ridge.I was impressed very much and happy enough that I booked a flat in Prabhavathi builders. According to me, thisis one of the best real estate companies as far as I know when compared to other top builders. BcozPrabhavathi is providing quality, eco-friendly apartments with all the world-class amenities at a very good 
    and affordable price, which other builders provide the same at double the price of rabhavathi I’d 
    like to say that as a customer of Prabhavathi and the review provided by me would encourage other
    buyers to be more confident to come forward and book their dream home from Prabhavathi. I am
    happy with the amenities they have provided in the apartments and I am very much satisfied with
    their services.

  22. Hello guys….
    I am Satish Gautam . I work as a Manager at HTMT.I booked a flat in Prabhavathi Project which is called Prabhavathi Elegant.. I have had a wonderful time after approaching Prabhavathi builders from the first day and it has been a first-class experience. Their Sales Managers and Customer Relationship Officers were very obliging irrespective of any situation and any queries from us about the project or the company background. I loved their enthusiasm & motto to grow bigger in this real state market. We are overwhelmed with the great service about Prabhavathi builders. I feel great sharing more positive thoughts about Prabhavathi ….

    Thanking You
    Satish Gautam

    1. Hello,

      Dont be so excited . Wait for some time . You will know the real prabhavathi is . I had booked a flat in end of 2011 in bliss and its not completed yet !!!!! And they will not provide OC , because there is lot of deviation …

  23. Hi…
    Guys if you really want to live in our dream home in Bangalore city I shall recommend once you visit Prabhavathi project if you already visited to some other builder. This is Vivek Sharma , before buying our home I went to many builder’s office to buy the home but after seen their customer relation and term and condition as well as cost price which was not reasonable for us. After some we get info about Prabhavathi Builders and after met to these people and seen their building quality we get impressed with their flats. And we decided to buy it from here only. Finally we had bough 2BHK flat which has world class amenities and good location based….

    Thank you

  24. The only awesome construction built by Prabhavathi is their office. All the apartments are pathetically built and they use customer money for the constructing their office.
    If you compare the quality of their office to the flats they built then you will realise. I’m not surprised that they do rowdism. The custmer care guy spoke to me in amle chauvinsitic manner and abused me telling i’m a girl and should not raise my voice when i question about the delay at Fern project.

  25. Jaswant kumar Rout

    Hi All , Thanks for the reviews

    I have visited their new project in Kormangala , anyone has visited ? Please share your thoughts about it.

  26. Prabhavathi Tower customer

    Prabhavathi tower work is very slow ,the measurments are not correct if you check the SBA of each unit ,sizes of the Bedroom ,living room all are same even if they say 899/892, and 801/826,Please compare both once.There is no water ,i donot know how they will give water after everyone shift their house.Now for construction they are depending on tanker water,borewell not working, There will no OC certificate so no cauvery connection as per my knowledge. Owners please join Appartment Aada/FB. There is no sign of completion by this year end as per agreement. Most of the wals are bend, Labours sleeping always as no material to work.No one supervise the work and no water puring on walls. Cement coming out if u touch hard
    Walls are shaking in some units . Now we are trapped if Prabhavathi see this message please reply.

  27. Hi,

    Is any one booked the flat in prabhavathi gardenia , in hosa road . If yes can you please share the contact details or email id .

  28. In This World Of CompetitionPrabhavathi Builders Is Making Dream Home Come True. Superior Innovation, And Alternative Thinking Are The Only Factors That Can Take You To The Top. A Young Company With Young Leadership With Young Minds Supporting Taem And Working Hard Day By Day To Make Our Dream Come True i.e. To Have My Own house In Bangalore At Affordable Cost.

  29. rajasekhar naidu

    When I Booked A Flat, My Friends, Colleagues, And Relatives Suggested Not To Go Ahead But I Was Firmed And Today I Have Been Rewarded With My Dream Home by Prabhavathi Builders.

  30. People Used To Tell Me That I Have Booked A Flat In Prabhavathi Builders, There Is Hardly Any Chance Of Getting It Into Reality. That Half Price Of Market Price, How One Could Turn Your Dream Into Reality. Today I Can Say Proudly That Prabhavathi Builders has Turned My Dream Home into Real-Home.

  31. Prabhavathi builders and developers provides full furnished apartments with all the basic facilities like playgrounds, malls nearby the apartments etc. The surroundings near the apartments are great. They have fulfilled their commitments as they have had written in their brochures. They provide the apartments at very affordable price. In all a good experience

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