ProconAdvisory Services India Pvt. Ltd – – Payment pending for more that 1 year (even after Arbitration Award)

I stopped my trading with the Procon Advisory Services India Pvt. Ltd. on 21-8-2013 when the balance in my trading account was Rs.17,64,428.19 and since that time I daily keep requesting them to pay back my money and they paid only little amount. I went for Arbitration and the Arbitral Tribunal issued award (Arbitral Award MCX/ARB/1516A/13 dated May 2, 2014 passed by Ld Arbitral Tribunal) against Procon to pay me the balance money (Rs.12,64,428.19) and with interest on or before 31-5-2014. The money is not yet settled by Procon Advisory even after 1 year of my stopping trading with them. I am really frustrated by this cheating Procon Advisory Services. Please someone help me on this issue. I have all the records with me. Anyone need them, I will send by email. Awaiting your response. Best Regards, Tamilarasi, Email: [email protected]

Details : Arbitral-Tribunal-Minutes-of-Meeting
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