/ Satija Builders & Financers Limited – FRAUD & CHEATER

Hello All, Just want to share my experiance with SHANTI SWAROOP SATIJA (Property Chacha – Owner – Satija Builders & Financers Limited. SHANTI SWAROOP SATIJA your 25 years Business record in DELHI shifting office/residence several times,Your Court Cases,Complaints, remarks by some persons in Google,Wanted by Rajasthan Police etc etc indicate how honest/cheater you are ? I am the example to whom you are cheating time and again. You even dont respect your words / promises.From the last eight months,you promised several times to refund me the amount of your BOUNCED CHEQUES but always cheated. Even calling in your house,receiving 12 cheques as per your choice and giving me in writing that you will complete plot paper formalities on 3rd sept,13 in the presence of your wife and my son,you are trying to cheat me.Today is 20th Sept and after several reminders you are not completing the papers,how you will pay me the balance amount ?You changed your words/promises several times but not acted. Now I WILL MAKE EVERY POSSIBLE EFFORT & WRITE TO ALL CONCERNED FOR LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU FROM 23RDSEPT,13 I AM HAVING LOT OF WITNESSES / PROOF AGAINST YOU. Thanks, Subash Chandra

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