, Status Wealth Management – fraud scheme of Many Projects launch new scheme for Rajesthan Farms, Shri Ganesh Vihar, Big Bull Ashiana, Chandan Vihar etc to sell that, first they show only Registration but actually land is not purchased by them second they don’t have land where they do ploting though they sold that by different froud scheme and lots of complaints. Against them even then and Mr. Satija don’t stop, huge thing is that they are already froud person not a builders because they got the money for all this land construction from young and group of company scheme, in this company they came with different scheme like jitna chaho utna kamao ,eak ka double, gold investment, flats, pms….so I warn to all bord and other general public kindly don’t invest money in any scheam of Because person involved are huge fraud …

Mukesh Gupta, Jaipur Rajsthan

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