QNET IR – I am also a victim QNET

Dear Friends
I have come across your complaints against Qnet through internet and felt sad reading it. I am also a victim and have lost 1.7lakh being tricked into purchasing qvi holiday and energy products. I have emailed my complaint along with proof of transaction etc to cp.mum.addcp.eow@gmail.com and also sent a complaint letter along with product purchase receipt etc as evidence through registered post to Mr. Kapase Investigating Officer Qnet Economic Offenses Wing-3 Crime Branch Mumbai Police, Police Commissioner’s Office,Opposite Crawford Market, D N Road, Fort Mumbai 400001. Keep proof of letter of posting safely.
This is a well crafted multi country scam. Police investigation is going on. But they need more and more people to come out and file complaint.This is the Time. Court has already freezed around 450 crores. When court orders settlement and refund, your name must be in the list of investors so that the authorities will be able to give back your money. Lot of people have already started filing police complaints along with all evidence of correspondence, transaction details etc. Dont delay.
Also lodge your refund complaint to their Global Support Centre via email eva.sin@qnet.net where they have responded positively to other refund requests. Call/sms Gurupreet Singh Anand for any query 07498063701. Follow developments on Moneylife qnet comments section.

Jai Hind

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  1. Dear jittu ,
    what are the current situations are happening those are planned things by some other big people,i think u dont have knowledge about this company ,you are missing a grate business opertunity ….

  2. aditya mishra

    I am sure you have not been able to undearstand what this company is doing, its credibility and its legality. QNET is a world renowned company in network marketing. Yes an invesigation is going on by EOW but that is only investigation and QNET is fully supporting them. We have requested the indian govt to make some laws in india regarding this industry because the company is facing many issues because there is no laws in india regarding this industry.
    And one more thing….. with the money you have purchased a priduct of same cost. So its an expence not any investment.
    And my final words would be that try to understand the buisness you will be fully sorted out else u will loose a huge and probably single chance to be what you want to be….