QNET – Review

These guys are already fooled by others and are trying to fool you. Such kind of business totally depends on relations and your networks, fooling your loved ones is not a good idea at all. There are many other business opportunities why these smart people do not try those for making money? they are not at all hard workers nor they have any innovation in themselves thats the reason they are into this business. They just try to lure you by giving examples of heaven, honey, some imaginary stories, politics as a scam, no advertising saves money and so onn…Why they do not directly declare what the scheme is and what the product value is(if it has ofcrs). Why they require moivational presenation to sale the product if the product is worth it?? Actually all the uplines are not of the worth of being there by paying the bucks earlier than you. The products are actually of no requirement as you would not do foreign trips frequently in your hustled life, whenever you feel you need to just pay the amount and have one trip, its your freedom and flexiblity. Jst think with your brains open and not with opening mind and keeping it aside.

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  1. gurupreet singh anand

    Dear Friends,


    Enclosed ‘Compliant Format’ (these are the points your complaint should include / cover).

    The VICTIMS of QNET can use this format for filing complaints with EOW / Police, against QNET to help you all claim your refund from this QNET


    Most of you had been contacting us from all over India and we at individual level have done what ever we can.

    But with the growing number of Victims and Calls we were receiving on a daily basis, it was making it impossible to carter to each victim individually, hence Teams members have come together and made this COMPLAINT FORMAT

    Use it to file complaints and claim refunds to your HARD EARNED money.

    Please feel Free to download the same and use it, Please feel free to forward the same to other victims of the QNET SCAM and also spread/share it every where

    on Internet…

    Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7yh7u76b0yfpsr/FORMAT_-_COMPLAIN_AGAINST_QNET.pdf?dl=0

    Jai Hind