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Reported By: Poulomi hossain

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Rakshit Special

Worst travel experience with Rakshit Special Travels. We booked for MP tour for October 20th to 30th 2023. They were very prompt at taking money. When I wanted to know about the hotels, they said they cannot disclose as per Company policy. I failed to understand why my Right to knowledge about the hotels is denied. Secondly after reaching at Bhilashpur, we got to know that Manager changed Itenary and we were not even informed. We literally had to beg for the revised one and till today i.e 31st October, we didn’t receive. The manager Sanjay was extremely rude and noncooperative. He treated the cooks very rudely and didn’t give them ample food. There was another good for nothing Assistant Manager Mr Santanu, who was worthless and never had any experience of MP tour. Whatever we asked , he always gave all wrong and and blamed the Rakshit Special company for sending him here. The hotel of Amarkantak was shabby and had Indian toilet which caused alot of problem for my mother who is a spine surgery patient. The hotel of Kanha was even worse and we got to know suddenly that we were split into two hotels. We were served ice cold rice and sabji and the condition of the rooms were pathetic. There was only a bed in the room and no ther furniture to keep luggage of hang clothes or even a mirror. The washbasin was overflowing .it was pathetic. The luggage handling was so bad that they broke one wheel of my luggage and damaged it. There was no variation in food, everyday we were given almost same food. They also cheated us and skipped breakfast two times and evening snacks two times saying that they felt we would not be able to eat. In Khajuraho we wanted to go to Panna forest seperately and requested Mr Sanjoy to arrange for a car. He not only helped us but just banged the phone on my face. However I arranged using my own connection. The last was the worst experience. While booking my tickets, Mr Gobardhan , of Rakshit asked me to changed my age to 45 so that I can avail a lower berth. Accordingly I did and the TT checked my document and asked for penalty for giving wrong information. It was utter harrassment. Mr Souvik who did all these spoke to Tt and i lodged complaint to Mr Rana Rakhshit, who seemed to be less bothered and I had to pay rs 500 extra to satisfy TT so that i could travel. We always travelled with Chalo Jai, but never had such terrible experience.


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