ratnesh immigration – fake offer letter from fake company in cyprus [RESOLVED]

hello sir..
i have applied a job for cyprus through agent in kolkata ratnesh immigration, salt lake , city centre , sector 1 narayani building, kolkata (west bengal)..yesterday i gave me a offer letter from a fake company in cyprus name.MASTIFF INVESTMENT INC. which i search in internet and found that there is not any company by this name in cyprus. and the agent is asking me 400 thousand for his processing fee .i have already given him Rs 25000 and my passport…

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  1. guys i visited to his office and found everything ok..and clear all my confusions ..we are just thinking negative all because of he is asking a huge money from us, but guys how can he cheat from so many candidate if he is fraud then he cannot trapped 100+ candidate because more than 100 candidate has applied for this job …and i am fully satisfied ..just think positive and …….KUCH PAANE KE LIYE KUCH KHONA BHI PADTA HAI……ok guys we will meet in cyprus…

  2. Saif ud din ansari

    yes, am going to cyprus on 11th next month ,,i visited to ratnesh office and i got clear all the doubts..and finally am going…

  3. hello sir..
    mr. tejas desai i am so sorry about what i have posted
    actually i was worried about my money ..so please dont mind …actually i searched about the company and your agency and found everything satisfaction..and my money is ready tommorow i will send it in your account…thanks….good day..

    1. Hello Mr l am saurabh bindal can you send me your mob no I want to tolk you about this job because I also aplay for this job
      My mob no is. 8146620231 , 7307071266 plz coll me soon

  4. We value people with knowledge. But incomplete knowledge is a very dangerous thing.i personally encourage positive criticism. But posting falsified information will be taken seriously.

    If your issues have been resolved then please let me know.

    Mastiff is a registered ibc company. Been there thrice already. So i will be the last person to take bad mouthing about my clients on the web.

    1. mr tejas, i have checked the company by lawyers by spending my own money, but still there is one question.

      how can i be assured that mastiff is really hiring me. since you don’t send mail the documents.
      also i called twice today you were busy, and mr dinesh picks up. i want to talk to you since i understand you well, he doesnot have all answers. so kindly answer my question.

        1. Hi janvi
          I am saurabh I have already apply for this job plz I want to talk you plz send your mob no plz
          My mob no is 8146620231

      1. HI ALIA
        This is abhinav gupta i want to talk to you because i also apply for job through same recruiting agency so please contact me my phone no. 09999880537 and my mail id is:- [email protected]
        please contact me as soon as possible.