RE: TataSky : Pathetic Service

Dear sir
This is with Reference of Tata Sky ID 1014093460
I am your Very Delighted Customer since 7 Years.My Past Experience at Gujarat was not Satisfactory.
on 3 oct I loged a complaint with Reference No 23318790275.
Problem Faced on 3 Oct 13
When I contacted Toll Free Number With out Checking the details Executive informed RS 300 to be charged for Visiting Charges(Where as this is my II connection Purchased on Apr 13 )
On Right Time Technician Reached as per appointment, But Diagnosis was very poor ,Rude in Attitude.After Diagnosed he conveyed that Cable Needs Replacement ,Then My Wife informed me the same .Immediately I canceled all Schedule Rushed to my Residence .Joint Diagnosis was made finally Concluded there was Junction wire was rusted & Zero connectivity. Reconnected with proper coupler & made operational .
When I seen the poor workmanship of last visit i wish to take the photo graphs, techinican denied to take the photo.
On your procedure after resolved the complaint signature of the customer is required on your demanded slip when I asked the slip technicain told yours is warranty period no need of any sign
Senior Supervisor apology for the same assured that disciplinary action will be taken aginst the concern employee God Only Knows What is action Taken ?
Problem Faced On 5 Oct 13
Since 4 oct 13 by 20:00 hrs no singal connectivity i came late by 23:00 hrs when I contacted toll free number no response .Then today by 8:00 am when i contacted same Rs 300 Story once again i explained the same .
Technician visited my home 16;30 Hrs by 18:00 Hrs same problem .
Then i Spoke to Mr.Subramaniyam/Mr.Anil/Mr.X they disconnected my Line after 10 Min.
Finally I spoke to Mr.Viswa assured me for a call back .
Problem Faced On 6 Oct 13
To day by 13:00 Hrs Same Un skilled Technician came my house for rectification .Where as i am denied .

Small Analysis of Tata Sky Customer complaints

My reference no of complaint 23380779789 time by 6 oct 12:06 AM
Current complaint no 23390871069 time by 13:00 hrs
Total Customer complaints generated with 13 Hrs 10091280
Per Minute all over India customer complaints generated 12937.
This Shows that the pathetic service of Tata Sky


Summarise My Issue
Why With out Checking the data wrong information was given to the customer
Why Poor Diagnosis by your Technician
Why Such Reputed Company Attitude Issues
Why Your Tele Callers are not user friendly

My Request to Tata Team If next time the same problem persistis Please Kindly Refund my Annual Rent what I paid +Cost of the connection

Last 2 days mentel Tension & aginy cannot be compensated .

Expecting positive & quick Response
Date : 23 September 2013

Dear Nodal Officer,

Reference : TataSky Sub ID : 100 527 23 05

I spoke to you yesterday and you had said you will call back. Its been 24 hours (and Now 48 hours) and I have not heard back from Nodal Office nor did any tatasky technician. All my calls now go unanswered – strangely I am not surprised.

We have shifted to this new house on 5th September and the tatasky recharge of Rs.700 done so far since shifting is nearing zero. On top of it you have now deducted Rs. 200 and Rs. 300 towards Work Orders which were not completed properly.

It is appalling that a TATA group company can have such bad service and indifference towards a customer who has been your subscriber since 2006.

I am sure your call center logs will show the conversations, pleadings, requests and angry complaints we have made so far regarding this. This is inaddition to the dozens of calls to your technical agency who did the installation. The only thing the stupid call center supervisor did successfully was sell my poor wife an additional channel called Topper for Rs.18 – How stupid can this get? We are 45 year old couple and a senior citizen at home aged 85. No children at home. How does subscribing to Topper channel even make any sense. Force selling and nagging someone into accepting a offer while they are calling to make a complaint is a real low point – I even bet Rtn. Ratan Tata will feel sad about what has become of his company in the hands of inefficient employees and associates.

I hope you put an end to this pathetic story by either resolving our case or taking back all the set top box, cables and other nonsense that your people have charged us for. I will be only very glad to get rid of all TataSky equipment in my premises and go for some younger company which can provide good service.

I do not expect any reaction, response to this email either. But I do not want all this typing to go waste, so I will send this to TakaSky Head Office and publish a consumer complaint in Times of India news paper. Atleat we will feel less stupid for paying Rs. 700 in subscriber charges for entertainment we never received.

best regards,

There was no response to the above email as expected.

I have now ordered for Dish TV new connection 25 September 2013. it is really strange that you feel happy spending Rs.6000 to get a new installation done. I will now throw out all the tatasky HD box, disk and whatever they gave and I paid for on the road. I really want to do it for sake of my own pride and satisfaction. Angry

And I will also copy this forum post link to the nodal officer. Just followed up the above email with this one and copied to – not that I am seeking their support and help now. Just wanted them to know how BAD their company is working at the customer level. Maybe Mr. Tata should concentrate on customer relation in addition to going global and making aquisitions abroad. With service like this it will be hard to survive.

Dear Nodal Officer,

TataSky’s extreme level of inaction and zero responsiveness is shameful. I have ordered for new connection from one of your competitors. I end up investing some additional money and will have the tatasky junk which I purchased over the years. However, I feel better rather than just sit around waiting for 3-4 weeks like idiots for you and your technicians to address our simple problem.

I have posted the contents of my self explanatory email on one of the consumer forums. I will most certainly take this up and make sure it reaches your top management.

The only thing that seems to work perfectly is your subscription fee deduction. You have also promptly decucted Rs.200 and Rs.300 for the incomplete work orders – I have recieved and saved the SMS informing me about this insane action from your end.

I had utmost respect for Tata products. But I guess with the retirement of Ratan Tata, the count down for end of this company has begun.

Thanks for nothing.
With Regards
B kesavan
081404 11166

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