Reliance Communications Infrastructure limited – Broadband Service problems

As a customer of reliance broadband with user id 329476187154 had taken the connection in bangalore rajainagar the plan was thunder 549 the connection was provided by them and the provided connection didnt even las t for 45 days on the october 2013 the connection was dead the repeateed calls and the calling to all the top line customer reps the connection was restored on 7th october 2013 at 12.45pm this repaired connection didnt even last for 24 hours and the connection was totally dead from 8th October 2013 1 PM on repeated calls to the appellate authority none of the technicians or any of the reps have contacted me and when of the technician visited he says the company is not able to provide the networks cables for fixing the connection . if the company is not able to provide cables for fixing the connection is there a valid reason that a company called Reliance communications should exist in india.
Raj Bharath M
Address : #189, First floor,6th main, 6th phase Industrial town, west of chord road,Rajajinagar

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