Research Analyst Option Research – Fraud Happen with me From Option Research -MR Jai Shewaramani

Reported By: Mukesh jetwani

Contact information:
Research Analyst Option Research Mumbai

I come across Mr Kalpesh from option Research team through facebook and they told me that they are providing future and option services and they told me to invest in Bank Nifity Future and option which was expiring on 15th May 2024. After that I invested in their scheme with fewer funds but they called me again and again and told me that if I have to book profit or I have to save my capital I have to invest more funds. After that they took the control of my Demat account and Banking account and invested my funds in Bank Nifty Future and option which was expiring on 15th May 2024. After that all my funds value gone to zero. I talked to them why they invested my money without my consent they told me that this is our job to provide returns to investors. Afte that they start giving excuses on my funds and stop taking my phone. I have complained to thier compliance department but there was no response. I would like to request for revoking of this research analyst license and arrange to provide my fundis which they invested unethically and without my consent.


How to file a complaint against Research Analyst Option Research?

* Go to page
* Write Research Analyst Option Research in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Research Analyst Option Research.

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