Roozgaar Services pvt. Ltd – froud Company, Refund My Amount

Dear sir/madam,

I am (Personal Information Removed).I got a call from Aapka Roozgaar Services pvt. Ltd. on date-26/03/2013 whose phone no. +911206191600, +91927870131, +919278701316. At first he talk me your resume have selected some top company’s i.e.-HCL, IBM, Wipro, Dell. Your interview will be two processes i.e.-At first Telephonic and another was face to face interview. After some time he talks me you come for online (that website was and you open a account our website. Now you paid online from your credit card / debit card register fee only Rs-1685 and after that will not give any rupees. Again sometime he talk me another payment… that type he online given 7 transactions and call disconnected. I forgotten write down the transactions, but I remember amount & which kind of transaction details given below:

1- Order Number: NA

Order Description: Roozgaar Resume Explode,

Grand Total: Rs. 1685

2- Order Number: NA

Order Description: Roozgaar Job Assistance,

Grand Total: Rs. 6170 but I paid half amount through debit card & half amount deposited in there bank account details as below

3- Order Number: NA

Order Description: Roozgaar Career Report,

Grand Total: Rs. 5620

4- Order Number: NA

Order Description: Personality Development, Roozgaar Profile Verification (Employment + Education Verification),

Grand Total: Rs. 6065

5- Order Number: NA

Order Description: Roozgaar Power Resume (5-8 years), Roozgaar Resume Analysis,

Grand Total: Rs. 7850

6- Order Number: NA

Order Description: Roozgaar LinkedIn Profile,

Grand Total: Rs. 6180

7- Order Number: NA

Order Description: Designer Resume, Interview Cracker,

Grand Total: Rs. 10350

After some Time they will call me again and told me that you are selected for HCL and ask me for final payment I paid 12075 rs. But this amount has unnecessary, I refused, and after long time (After 4 Months) I called and ask for refund my Money and they told me that they will transfer my whole amount i.e. 55995 Thousand in 7 working days in your account, but they told me you need to deposited security amount as per your amount 10% means 10000, that time I don’t have enough money so told me at least 5000 deposited In SBI account of Mr. Amit Kumar (A/C no. 31621867977) and mailed recite to Mr. Alok Gupta ( on this ID

And rest of amount we will manage, everything is done but Mr. Rajesh Sharma he is responsible for whole process. His mo. No is +917834882649 but still today (2 weeks) no any refund is coming in my account from aapka roozgaar services private limited, This subject help me, how I refund my rupees Rs-55995. Company Name and Address Aapka Roozgaar services pvt. Ltd. Delhi, Contact Name-Alok Gupta, Shankar, Vishal, contact no-. +911206191600, +91927870131, +919278701316, +917834882649

Actually is an org: who provides a job. But after few months they could not provide job. And my money didn’t refund last four month. This company is much cheated; fraud .this type of activity has done everywhere. Everyone has been victim by I don’t have all documents but some deposited slips I have attached. Kindly take necessary steps for this cheat, Fraud Company’s want to do a case file against If you can search on net, there is a huge complaint.

This is my money Rs-55995 which deduct from my a/c, and it is refundable money it has mention on terms & condition of
Adesh Helekar


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