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Reported By: Sansandysan

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San City (Vsan Infrastructure)

My name is sandeep and i have booked police complaint against san city especially against the md of san city vishwa cariappa & his associate girish naik also their executive yogesh. They took rupees four lakh and twenty thousand two years 8 months ago promising me site at gowribidanur if i paid full amount in advance. Now since almost 3rd year is approaching they have neither given me the site nor giving me my money. I think all the cheating complaints against this company aired on btv is true. I recorded their calls & forwarded it to police ([email protected]).
In the coming days i will be intensifying my fight/struggle against this in getting my money back from these people. Also i will be approaching consumers court. People who have undergone similar ordeal can contact me.

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  1. I faced similar fraud by vsan infrastructure. I had been following up with them since the day I made payment.
    I visited their office several times only their sales executives asking to wait for 3 more months and they will get Govt. approval to start converting the land. I opted to terminate the agreement and as per agreement, they had agreed to refund full amount and any damage charges for failing to register the property to their client.

    Three of their executives started talking to me in harsh tone saying they will not repay the amount. To save myself I had to escape their office. The next instance, I had accompanied people to support me. Their executives admitted their fault and gave contact numbers of few others asking to approach them and catch them at their respective addresses to get our money back. They said they are mere salespeople and have no control of anything. The contacts they shared was also fake.
    and one of their executives begged us no let their name out and said the company is fake and has cheated people. The company leaders have granted less than minimalistic amount to refund while the number of people asking their invested money back was more. They had been hired to convince the people to send people back. they said they are handling at least five hundred people’s refund with granted amount of 5 lakhs.

    We did not want to believe their cock and bull tales. Please file police complaints. The greater number of people complain the earlier they get back their money.

  2. I believe it is a black listed company as it is not RERA compliance. Kindly do not loose your money and also kindly spread social awareness among your network not to blindly invest on this developer. I had invested Rs.8,60,000/- five years back on multiple plots. In one of the conversation the company’s own Manager Called Girish Naik said they are doing business on our invested money, hence they do not refund your money. They do not even follow their own terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement for the cancellation procedure. instead they keep sending Notice saying they will deduct hefty amount of administration charges. The the registration of the booked plots was not happened on time and they keep doing all back and forth to convince you with nice words providing all reasons for delay and keep providing you alternate options of other plots than the one that you booked and they keep building all such stories that end up you nothing other than frustration and you see your hard earned money being getting locked, but they keep continue doing their business by rotating your invested money. Because after my personal experience, I strongly believe, “any of positive feedback on San city developer is one of the strategy from their own network to cover up the negative feedback and is not reliable. Even there is no surprise if you see any such feedback to cover up their frauds after this post. I can say they are just a Social/civic terrorist cheating innocent citizens of the society”