Sandcube Technologies Pvt Ltd – Bangalore People out there, I just want to say that this is the NEWLY ESTABLISHED FAKE COMPANY which hires B.E/B.Tech or any fresh graduates and this company makes them to work on sports data entry, which is the most irritating job ever!! They make you work under pressure, its kinda employee harassment. They just make FAKE PROMISES about the salary but they really won’t pay any salary.. They make you work for 3 to 4 months assuring you that they will pay for your work but they really won’t!! So guys be careful about this company. and DON”T YOU EVER DARE TO JOIN THIS COMPANY..

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  1. Please anyone let us know, where this company exists? Office location? Whether Sandcube Analytics & Sandcube Technologies were a same comapny?

  2. sandcube technologies pvt ltd is not a fake company from my side on tis company there is no complaints my friends are also placed in MNC companies.

  3. sandcube is a good company i have placed through this company. In this company so many students are there may be all students are not setteled. But it is a good company. I dont know why creating fake news about companies.

  4. 6-8 months ago i also attended interview in this company they selected me and some of my friends then 2-3 days latter they called us for joing offer we went there and saw the work some guys were doing there. They were playing some video again and again and collecting some data from that video. They told us this job is for data analyst profile and they will pay Rs 18000 per month. But we didn’t join that company. Please friend don’t go there its fake!!!!.