Sanjay B Jumaani – knows little about numerology & almost nothing about astronomy

Reported By: Akhilesh Tiwari

Contact information:
Sanjay B Jumaani

I went to him for consultancy thrice in last 9 years and all the three times he asked me to change my name with different spelling with same given date of birth and name spelling, he also makes money by asking people to change their names through his some advocate who gives him commission for every case. most irritating aspect is he shows himself so busy that he doesn’t have time to meet common people but charges full money to them, if he is so busy then why give appointment. the whole day he just sits in his office with hardly any work, all his reports are of same formats and yes he actually knows little about numerology and almost nothing about astronomy, he kind of shows people that he deals with film fraternity, cricketers and politicians etc, but actually he is not worth so much, you can surely get good similar advisors in the amount that he charges, and yes lastly it’s correct that he doesn’t like to talk about this failure as much as he talks about success which is actually very predictable, when asked before any match, election or movie release he just has 1 common excuse that he doesn’t want gambling of people’s hard earned money..


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