sarthak deals – Fraud and cheaters

I have been forced to buy deal from sarthak deals, I had no idea that I was making payment for con deal. First people called sand said you will get good discounts on you XXX credit card if you go with deal then I was not convinced so they made me talk to many people in their office and forced me to buy deal. In that deal I had 3 day holiday package and i was told to make booking before 21 days so i made booking before 25 days and i was told by sarthak agent that ur booking will get confirmed only before 4 days of ur trip. Three days prior to my trip i called that was Saturday i was told that ur booking will be confirmed after 4 o clock ( On Saturdays they have half day work till 2:00pm) i tried calling them at 3:30pm and their no. was switched off. On day prior to my trip i was traveling to my destination cos i had booked my train tickets and i called them and they said that person who is in charge of is on leave for ten days. Then i had to pay everything for my vacation. People buying any deals from Sarthak Deals please don’t buy and don’t get conned. Thank you, Narendra Sharma, 9371008882

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  1. Sarthak Deals Delhi.

    A tele caller contacted me and gave sone attractive offer and within no time he convinced me with false promises.
    1. A discount card that can be used to avail discounts upto 25% accross India on various products.
    2. Lotto sports shoes of color of my choice.
    3. A polo club watch
    4. A holiday package anywhere in India

    What I got
    1. The discount (as per the discount card) can be availed majorly in Delhi and NCR and only 2-3 places where I stay in Ahmedabad, whereas the representative said that I can choose from many outlets in Ahmedabad. Why do they make false promises to sell?
    2. The choice asked was at the time of booking was between black or white. I requested for either of them but was sent blue. The company now wants me to courier them back so that they can change. This means they are just pushing non moving stocks and I also bear the courier charges.
    3. The watch is appearing to be of not more than Rs.40-Rs.50 and is also having marks.
    4. The holiday packages are of limited places in India and are of low grade hotels and not 3 star as committed during the time of sales.

    I called the customer care to take back all the material and refund my money, but they refused.
    I wanted to complain so that they do not make fool of other people like me by making false commitments.
    Hope some action is take against the company.

    1. Hi Guys,

      I am getting a call from Sarthak on daily basis and i have been asked to take the deal with the 25% discount on your online shopping or thorugh credit card along with the 3 day trip within India.

      Kindly guide me are the cheater.



  2. Hi All,

    Sarthak deals have cheated us on each and every step ,Now i am going to file a case against them in consumer forum. Whoso ever wants to case a file please get in touch with me on my mail id, or my cell no:-9910761194,9911153377

    1. hey i have just taken the deal on 28th march, they promised me too, there r two many people each saying different things, i have paid through credit card now i want to cancel the deal, i have raised a dispute from my bank against them, today i closed the the dispute asking the bank everything is settled but i found one of my friend who has been folled by them so againraised the dispute at 10 night today. can i get back my money.

  3. Hello,

    Anyone can help me to get me money back, I never thought they are going to cheat. They forced to sell their product. And the height is they said I am promising you sir, even this call is getting recorded. We can not tell you the incorrect information. I am calling on behalf of HDFC bank so you can club your card. First person told me different thing and second person told me some other story and at the end when I made a payment of Rs 6999. they said we are not from any bank and you have to purchase selected outlets to get discounts of 20-25 %. and First person told me that I can get 20% on every bank statement even if I buy thing from any store and this call is getting recorded I can not tell you incorrect information and after that different stories.
    I thought in the beginning of this call that they are cheater, but Singh and Nitin told me everything is recording we can not tell you lie, believe me.
    my number is: 9892920898

  4. Indrajeet kanojia

    Sarthak are actually cheaters they said me too that will be able to avil discount in Mumbai but most of their retail outlets are from Delhi & NCR.
    They said will get the package within 10days but took more than 20days.When i ask to cancel the package they denied when is said will go to consumer court they said can do whatever you want to do but will not cancel the order & cant even commit when it will be delivered.

  5. Sangram Bhosale

    Please take action against this also i have been forced to buy deal from sarthak deals, I had no idea that I was making payment for con deal. First people called sand said you will get good discounts on you XXX credit card if you go with deal then I was not convinced so they made me talk to many people in their office and forced me to buy deal.
    They transfered call directly to IVR and asking me credit card details i feel that there is something happening why they are asking card detail thought they are offering me “FREE” discounted card..
    so i provide them wrong CVV number and transation failed.
    But it is most important to take action against them.

  6. i have just bought the dear 3 days back, now i dont wheather i have been cheated or they will fullfill there promises.they say they cant refund the transaction back.

  7. HI Guys,

    I also got call from Sarhak Deals today.
    In Starting, a lady called me and told me tht she is calling on behalf of HDFC CREDIT CARD department. Bank is offering discount card which can be used through out india in branded outlets to avail discount.
    They offred me below things in package:
    Complimentary Gifts:-

    After making they confirmed that we are calling from Sarthak deal and have tie up with any Bank. So I feel, they cheated me. I havent avalied any service right now . But the thing is they cheapted me by saying …they are from HDFC bank.

    No body on wesite hve given positive review about this company. So I am not sure….weather I the service what they will provide will be worth it or not.
    I made payement of 7450/Rs.

    Could please tell me wether I should ask for refund or try out there service for one time.