Savana By Urbanic – Pickup guy made some mistake

Reported By: Shreya0604

Contact information:
Savana By Urbanic

I already sent my order back on the 15th. The pickup guy erred in asking for my OTPP at the time of pickup instead of asking for it when he got back to his office.

When I called him the following day, he said, “The server is down,” and he would take care of it tomorrow.

The pickup failed message persisted on my Savana account, so I returned both of my orders at once (S011240510105108145002 and S011240510003954145001). I haven’t had any idea about my order whatsoever for the past four days.

Despite my repeated calls, he has consistently denied that he misplaced my order and mistreated me.

I have returned both of my orders together, totaling up to 700rs. He said, “Haa mam, kardo complaint,” in response to my statement, “Bhaiya, I will raise a complaint against you.”

I should reprimand the pickup guy for acting inappropriately and forgetting my order. and I have all the evidence that he lost it.

S011240510003954145001 and S011240510105108145002 are my order IDs.

I’ve contacted customer service numerous times via phone calls and emails, but they haven’t been helpful.

The customer service representative ended the call as soon as I answered when she called me. Ever since, I’ve been pleading with them via texts to set up a call. However, the customer support was unhelpful.
I need my 700 rupees back.


How to file a complaint against Savana By Urbanic?

* Go to page
* Write Savana By Urbanic in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Savana By Urbanic.

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