SBI Assistant Manager for Customer Relationship-Absolutely Mannerless


This is not the first time I am facing problem with SBI staff,but today Assistant Manager for customer relationship Mr.Pradeep Satpute from Konakan Bhavan Navi Mumbai branch crossed the limit.I have my joint account in SBI same branch and have not accessed it for a long time,which caused blocking of my account.I was well aware of the fact so I went to this person to get the new 11 digit account number using the older one what I had.Before I could complete my query,he started the argument.Without understanding the issue,he came to some non-sense conclusion.I had a meeting with my client abroad for which I got late because of this stupid reason.
I would like to request the SBI management to please get your employees’ soft skills developed or else the day is not far when we might completely boycott SBI.We have many choices.
Arpita Pal

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