Sciflare Technologies – Chennai – Sciflare worst and fraud company

Sciflare is the very worst and scamming company I ever worked. They do not treat an employee as an employee, they treat employee as a slaves. They do not have any proper knowledge in owning the company.

They do not provide the proper documents to the employees(ID card, Offer letter, experience letter, etc) and they don’t know how to provide those documents. Their first intent is to get Money from the Client and they will show the employee as 50+ but they have only 5 to 7 employees. I am totally frustrated from their management team.

They will commit clients without analysing the tasks(and don’t know how to do it :D). They will force you to work on the overnight to maintain their commits. They will see their clients as Alien creature(they don’t understand what client is trying to say). For eg, if client wants to do popup in website, then their management team will tell developers to create image and they will show this is the popup(wow what an Idea).

For Clients: I beg you do not choose these world’s best scamming company. They will always show you the status regularly by showing only images. If you want to enjoy wasting money, kindly choose Sciflare.They will take care everything(like, billing, billing, billing, etc., lol).

For Employees – During working: Firstly I must say you will not any documents to grow your carrier. Then you probably won’t able to grow further. They have big business minded VISCOM management girl to manage employees. She don’t know about the development, design, and whatever. You will get very much frustrated when she is taking about the task(I hope you guys can understand the irritation ). It is not and good place to spend the IT life and not an good place for Innovative ideas.

For Employees – After leaving: If you made a good decision as like me to leave Sciflare, then you are the only target to them.They will not provide the Offer letter, at last, they will give you the Hand written Experience letter(which is too waste, they purposely give you the waste/invalid experience letter to spoil your life – This is where I got frustrated).At last, me and my friends are well settled in some other IT companies.

Their biggest advantage 😉 : Guys, if you still want to choose the Sciflare, then you will surely feel like you always in Home.Because, their infrastructure is only an Apartment.And the important thing is, while Interviewing you, they will say, this is temporary office, they will change soon.(I am not sure, weather they are building an own company for the past three years lol).

Open Challenge: Dear Sciflare(Shiva & Divya), you will surely see this post and as always, you will post with some positive feedback. When can I expect your reply for this complaint. Am waiting for your counter reply(this time, please come with some good Ideas as like you cheating the Employees and Clients)!!!

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