Shahdeep International – Fraudalent Business

Shahdeep makes you pay installments per delivery (delivery meaning a still image/design of homepage, etc.) which is live on THEIR server. After you are about 75% paid up, they delay and postpone and cut corners. They authorized two charges on my server account that I never approved… and cost me $300 additionally of which they did not reimburse. They are irresponsive and do not flex and work with time difference for American clients. They cost me $2,0000 and did not deliver one complete/functional page of my website as was detailed in ORIGINAL proposal.

They send invoices through paypal and paypal does not protect against “intangible” goods, so you are screwed.

Vivek “the manager” was very disrespectful and unprofessional, as well. I hope their karma comes back to them.

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  1. Shahdeep international has history of fraud – Do google on shahdeep international and you will loads of incidences where company has duped many.
    I am unsure why such companies even exist.

    Deep Jain (owner) has criminal history – Must avoid company