Shopeeprobb – Shopee Playform

Reported By: Cresmie Abayabay

Contact information:
Shopeeprobb Cebu City
+63 9458427444

I complain about this SHOPEE PLATFORM i dont know if its legit or not , The 1st i try this i pay 100 for the VIP 1 then they say i have to finish the task so that i can get my money back , i finish the task & i recieve my money back with the comission and then they say that the more i get i should upgrade the VIP 2 i have to pay 500 and i earn 750+ if i finish the task then after i almost finish task they ask for 4,000 to proceed and then the next is 15,500 & now they want me to pay 38,000 just to get my money back and that the last task .. So now my money now freeze because i have a pending which is 38,000 , i told her to cancel it cause i dont have that much money i dont know where i gonna get… i use all my saving just to finish this task .. ALL I WANT IS I WANT MY MONEY BACK … I DONT HAVE ANY MONEY NOW 😭😭😭 I HOPE SOMEONE COULD HELP ME ABOUT THIS 🙏🙏🙏

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