– regarding fraud [RESOLVED]

respected sir

I am writing details of BMW series 1 contest organized by shopit4me details are as under.

on dated 11feb2014 I received a call from miss prachi executive of shopit4me she told me that shopit4me is going to organized BMW series 1 contest and as you purchased many items from online purchasing on behalf of that purchasing presently your points are 82 and you have a chance to win BMW series 1 car for that you have to pay rs 4998 as a registration fee we will send some gifts of this amount also I deposited this money dated 12feb2014 by axis bank debit card its smp no was 7460 on 13 feb2014 prachi mam told me that I have scored 89 points and if you deposit rs 39999 you will score 95 points and you have a chance to win a first prize so I deposited rs 39999 by axis bank debit card on dated 14feb2014 its smp no was 7493 and for it I got some worthless gifts after this miss prachi told us that there is one another customer who is wining from you so you deposit rs 19999 to score more points I deposited rs 19999 by axis bank debit card on dated 19feb2014 its smp no was 7606 after one or two days miss prachi told me by phone that I have won 1st prize BMW series 1 car for its registration we have to deposit rs 1 lac as that time I have no such a large amt of money so I and my wife took gold loan from axis bank and we deposited rs 1 lac on 24feb2014 by axis bank debit card its smp no was 7742 next day miss prachi told us that you have to maintain rs 1 lac in your a/c so that we can show to our company senior that you are in a position to register this car than miss prachi and her senior mr mukesh agnihotri call me many times than we took this money from our friend on have rate of interest because it was only for 3 days than mr agnihotri told us that you have to shift this 1 lakh rs in company a/c for 3 days because they want to show that registration of BMW is done by us and he promised me that this money will be deposited back in my a/c with in 3 days so for the registration of BMW I pay rs 1lac on dated 26feb2014 by axis bank debit card its smp no was 7784 at this stage I was the first prize winner i.e BMW series 1 car and the last 1 lakh rs deposited only for 3 days and was refundable next day miss prachi gave me BMW booking id no bookBMW0007.2014 and she told me that this is your BMW booking no and you can check this booking no on any BMW showroom after 3 days after 3 days when I check this booking no on BMW showroom there was no such booking and my last payment of 1 lakh rs not deposited in my a/c after this miss prachi and mr mukesh agnihotri did not contact for many days I tried to contact them by e-mail and customer care as rate of interest of last 1 lakh rs was very high so I and my family was very disturb and in a very week financial condition my wife condition was very serious and she also hospitalized I was not in a condition to admit my children in new classes then we sold our remaining gold at a very low price to pay the interest after many days mr agnihotri call me that first you receive the products as you receive the products we will refund your 1 lakh with in 2 hours we we received all the products but we did not get our money back till date the products which received by us were damaged,short in size,worthless after this episode no one contact us and not even auswer our e-mails I try to contact them by customer care and e-mail but no one support me I was in a very critical depression state.

in first week of april mr raj kumar contact me and told me that your file is my hand now and you are in a first position after a long long conversation he again create faith of me in the company and promises me that he will solve all my disputes he told me that contest is on 14 april 2014 and to close your file for first position you have to pay rs 60000 so I deposited rs 60000 by axis bank debit card on dated7th april2014 and then rs50000 by axis bank debit card then I received a call from miss neha and mr raghvan they told me that I am in a first position and I have to deposit rs 40000 as a tax of BMW if you will not deposit this money I will not sign on your file and without my sign you cannot win first prize I have no money at that time so with a very heavy heart I borrow this money from my friend and deposited rs 10000 on dated 28th april2014 and rs 30000 on dated 2may2014 by axis bank debit card it was my total monthly salary because I was sure that I am the first winner and contest is on 2nd 3ld week of may mr raghvan also promised me that he will send my 1st winning position and all my file documents with in 32 hour of depositing tax money.

I deposited tax money on 2nd may but till date I did not get prize winning e-mail and contest has delayed upto july2014.

we have not received any products for the payments done in april and may i.e total rs 1.5lakhs toal money paid from feb2014 to may2014 is rs 4.15lakhs as we have taken so much money on loan at high rate of interest they are extending their contest date so we are in a very depressed and hand to mouth condition as their contest date is not final and not my 1st position is not in written and even I have lost faith in company due to false commitments I want money back compensation kindly help me earlist.

with regards

Naveen bakshi



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  1. Dr.Rafiqul Islam is a mal-shoping company. have cheated me almost more than Rs.100,000/- in the name of BMW car contest.
    And they just gives you false assurance that they are solving your problems.
    I wont let them go to fool people , i am trying to arrange a legal file with all my evidences their phone call records, their mobile numbers , e-mails etc.
    So, i request all my victimized friends to cooperate with me. thanks.

  2. dear sir

    please remove my complaint immjetly shopit4me company says after remove complaint solve our complaint so please sir I request you please remove my complaint immjetly.

    thanking you
    Naveen bakshi