Shopit4me – Fraud/Fake/Lies

I received a call from Shopit4me Executive Ms. Shefali regarding BMW contest, in begining when I paid registration amount they provided me with proper products.
Then the called again & again with false commitment that I will be the winner of the BMW as I have good point & I can assure my self for winning BMW by doing transactions & this is how they exploited me with fake promises & I did transactions of around 50000/- Rs.
Then they provide me with fake diamonds.
Then on 15 July they called me & said that I am the winner of BMW contest , for it I just have to make a transaction of 1 Lac Rs for which I will receive certain products & not only this but I will receive the refund of this amount on 17th July after I receive the car. same day I will also receive the refund.
After this they asked me for docs for my travel ticket & hotel booking which I did.
On 17th they said contest is postponed till 20th July, then on 20th they said its postponed & date is not decided. on 21st I saw their site & got to know that I contest already happened on 20th & some one has won the contest.
After this i am continously trying to contact their executives Ms Shefali & Mr Nitin who told be above information.
Daily I get same info that we will pass your request to call back to both but it never happened.
I received a call from them saying they are calling from Sr Team & then they said Sir all product you received are according & to verification call you received & verified. When I told them that your own executives have told me that verification calls are only a timepass & you just need to say yes to them, those guys don’t know anything, they don’t do anything & don’t listen to them, just say yes I have placed the order. They said sir you have confirmed verification & you only have said go ahead. So we cannot do anything regarding this.
Pls help me in this, I am in deep trouble.

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