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I got a part time job offer in Instagram in the name of Amazon company then they connected through WhatsApp and later on telegram they told me first I ‘ll get 80 rs as bonus then I need to recharge to the company site named shopsmallt. Com and complete order for each task I ‘ll get some comisson then I can withdraw my all money together like dat I recharged for 200 then I got 480 tsp then I recharged 500 but there was a gap of 200 rs while completing order they asked me to again recharge 200 then I got 1100 in my account after dat I recharged 1000 rs then they given me task for 6 orders first order gap was 3000 they asked me to recharge I did again gap came 8000 they asked me recharge I did again 25000 gap came I recharged as they said me to do again last order 32000 gap was der again they asked me to recharge I did and completed all my orders in this 40 k they also added saying as a help for me but while withdrawal it is asking me to pay 20 %tax as I have completed a high level order and obtained a high comisson I need to pay tax then I can apply for withdrawal abt this they hvnt informed me earlier also it is not showing any option in the site to pay tax which I could pay and withdraw my money I asked them they told me to pay as a recharge the taxable amount and then I can withdraw my all amount also from that I need to return there 40000 back to them as they have helped me the total tax I need to pay as they told me 47980 of total amount 239900 as I recharged for 69000 then my commission was 131000 then there investment was 40 k but u asked them to reduce some amount this much I can afford so they asked me pay only 37980 again I asked to reduce they told me okay pay only 10 k rest ‘ll manage so I asked better u deduct it from my total amount then send me remaining amount also deduct ur 40000 too which u helped me but dey told they can’t deduct direct no option to do only I can pay them as recharge and then they ‘ll deduct it and send payment details to tax department then they ‘ll deduct taxable amount then rest I can withdraw after dat I can pay back them there 40000 like dat sudden they blocked me on WhatsApp and they deleted their telegram account so m unable to contact them I am requesting you please do the needful to me in withdrawal of my all amount I am hoping for ur kind help to me and quick response to the same ,Thank you for your kindness in advance.


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