Skokka – false advertising, theft & frauding

Reported By: Rye Williams

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I to am suffering with the same situation. Saw a Post on that was
Was meant to have had service for $1200 for overnight on the 14/09/2022 my 28th B-day with A German escort who also offered her friends services also as well which I was comfortable with. Paid for Her Friends Services as well. Paid them in Steam Cards / gift card not in cash or payid? Because I wasn’t a previous customer. And only previous customers could pay with cash or payid. Which is wrong and should have been for both previous or new customers. And to have both Escorts refused me the night I had already paid for them and to have them both refuse and leave me without an address or location to even meet so I can get their services?

They kept on telling me to pay extra costs due to fees such as Apartment fee’s, Security Fee’s and even Condom Fee’s, by this point it was a joke.
I got all the evidence 🧾 with me and will take it to the police and report a file and track their numbers.

Helped the Escort get into her so called Account which I paid for out of my own pocket which was $1500.

She Even had her so called Boss ruined my night because it was due to Her / Him ? I got photo id of one who was supposed to be her So Called Boss they both had money issues between them both and got me a paid customer involved?

One owe the other apparently $30000 and Her Boss Got involved into my Business with Both Escorts.

I had already paid double at this point which was $8000

They both are in on its.

Had another person get involved which was the German Escort’s Superior which by this point he didn’t even know the whole situation and asked for it told him that I received no service from the German escort which was the one that was posted on .

Now they both want me to paid them $1800 for some unknown reason why? When I have already paid well over that and have paid originally for The German Escort and Her Friends Services already??
They have not helped me and have delayed it for over 2 months now we’re in November. And not too get service that I originally had already paid for and double.
I didn’t receive any service from either the 2 and want my refund of $8000 back.

Was false advertising, theft & frauding.
Just want my money refunded back to me. I don’t want their services when I paid to not receive any at alls.


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