Skyline Builders – cleverly go by another name of “ETERNITY BUILDERS” – beware

Dear All,

I too have invested over 55.0 lacs in a project in Mangalore developed by SKYLINE BUILDERS, called Blue Berry Hills-1 located at Derebail. The project started 5 years ago and is still incomplete. As you have all guessed I have been duped. The project is not complete with the 2 nos elevators not in place, the Sewage Plant not yet commissioned, the St-by generator not installed & commissioned. Yet the builder (Mr Dhiraj Prabhu) keeps calling me to get my flat registered. The Local Municipality has not issued the “Occupancy Certificate” due to the above deficiencies. However the Builder has submitted a letter to the Municipal Corporation 14 months ago requesting for the ‘OC” I am only waiting for the corporation to issue the so called ‘OC” without the completion of the above missing items & I will drag the Municipal Corporation & the Builder (Dhiraj Prabhu) to the consumer court.

Please keep away from all their projects whether in Mangalore or in Bangalore or any other part in India as they are cheats & one should not deal with cheats.

Skyline Builders very cleverly go by another name of “ETERNITY BUILDERS” so beware & stay cautious.
Best Regards

Trevor Sequeira

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  1. Way back in 2008 I was looking out for a reputed builder in Mangalore to buy a flat from. I happened to see a brochure which boldly displays the Reputed Cricketer Rahul Dravid as their Brand Ambassador. This is Skyline Constructions,who had started a project in Mangalore called Blue Berry Hills 1. I thought this must be a very good venture and my investment would be safe here and the construction would match the reputation of Rahul Dravid. Alas within months after
    paying 95% of the cost of the apartment all the co-investors are in for a SHOCK OF THEIR LIFE.

    Like most co-customers I too paid promptly 95% of the total cost and was anxiousely waiting the builder to deliver my apartment. It is more than 4 years now from the date of delivery and the construction is not yet complete. No lifts have been installed , no back-up generator no severage system working…..only false promises by the builder. To add insult to injury Skyline is shamelessly asking for the remaining 5% which is the ‘handing over charges’ . We are cheated and the Comsumer Court has to take this up and to save us from this deceit and also future investors being mislead by this company.

  2. I am another unfortunate victim of an investment with these unprofessional so-called builders who literally having been begging for money since the last many years. This is despite the fact that all customers of the project have paid almost 95% of the total investment about 2-3 years ago and the project is still at a standstill. They make fake promises and entice you into making payments and never deliver results. Their employees change almost every other month, starting from the janitors to the architects probably due to lack of payment of their dues. They deserve to be dragged to the courts. I urge all investors of this project (Blueberry Hills -1) and other Skyline projects such as Blueberry Hills – 2, Riviera, other projects in Bangalore etc to come together and fight for what belongs to you.

  3. Mumtaz Rafique.Mrs

    I am also one of the victim of skyline builders, Fully endorse Mr. Trevor’s comments in his preceding post. I too have invested 49 lakhs in Skyline BBH1 as early as in 2010, still waiting for builders to complete the project and for the possession of our flat duly completed in line with the construction, sale purchase agreement with this lousy builders. I will full support to take this builders to consumer court for the redressal of our grevience. Let us all buyers of flat in this project and take collective stand against this cheats.