Fraud Company- Skysoft IT Services D-98 First Floor, Sector-63 Noida.

Hi, This is in reference to a very bad experience in a big fraud company named SkySoft IT Services.

I was employed with them since January 2013 and was told that it has 5 days working, soon they started calling me on every next Saturday and i kept on coming as well. One Saturday they asked me to come to office and unfortunately same day i had an appointment with Doctor for my mother, i called them to inform that i won’t be able to come, then the so called Director HR Ankisha Mishra started talking to me in a very rude and unprofessional manner.

She straight away said that either you take care of your mother or you take care of office, i said i will take care of my mother because she is not well and have already taken an appointment with Doctor then she said you will have to pay for this and started shouting as well.

She started talking in a very rude manner and even threatened me of spoiling my career, she said that she will do negative back ground check for me in near future if there is inquiry from any other company, even said she will not give relieving letter to me.

After all this rubbish i decided to resign from this fraud company (Skysoft IT Services) and then also she kept on threatening me for not giving the relieving letter.

It does not end all here then comes her husband Prabhat Mishra- Managing Director of Fraud Skysoft IT Services (No. 1 Fraud company), he said that he will not give the relieving letter and even will file a case against me for fraud and cheating. Kept on saying i will see you in court, will file a case against you etc.

One day they called me up for taking the documents, i reached there at 2.30 p.m. and was kept waiting till 6.30 p.m. and then was asked to leave with out even a single document.

This is what they call management, firstly they will torture you by shouting, using bad words, then they will torture you by saying that they will spoil your future and lastly they would torture you by calling to office and making you wait for hours without anyone coming to meet you.

It is the world most FRAUD COMPANY


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  1. Gaurav Kumar Gupta

    Hello Everyone,

    Gaurav this side…. So please don’t take seriously about it article.

    Skysoft is good company for everyone and i was wrong…i was very I’m taking my word about skysoft.

    So everyone can join skysoft.

    Skysoft can provide good salary package and experience.

    So please join asap.

  2. Hello Friends

    the guy is right. is a fraud company they are using our brand name in the market and spoiling our name in the market. They tell clients that both company is same the takes cheque. One of our client told us. They don’t have any team only some of marketing guys are there who makes clients idiot. Please be careful with them.