skywings management – skywings management delhi asking enrollment fees.

Skywings management delhi asking for enrollment fees for recuirtment for nurses to Aarhus denmark. And when i asked there office address they did not given and also they told they dont have visiting policy. Did anyone know about this agency. Is it a fake one???. Their website is

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  1. I feel dishearted and cheated.i have paid 22500 towards Denmark Processing by Skywings Mangement.Her name is Shruti and she assured me that I will receive offer letter within 90-120days and its been 300days i havent received any letter.these people should be punished and put behind bars for playing with common peoples money.We all put in so much effort and save money and consultancy like Sky Wings cannot cheat upon us.please help if anybody has filed a case

  2. Can we getting together in delhi ( Bawana Police station) so that we can caught them by helping police, Because bank in Bawana Inds. Area and some information can be collect from there. Because I am also lost 30000/-

    1. Complete fraud company. They will not pick up your phone if asked for refund and fool you around saying that we will send cheque.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Even i am cheated by this company ,i paid 25000/-they responded to my mails till june 1week and after that they are not all responding to my mails and the phone is in switched offac
    A lady contacted me named as Aaardhya.Serously guys we need to teach such people a lesson who are playing with our lifes.

  4. It’s a scam …unfortunately I also deposited for an opening abroad for INR 25000 in a central bank account . Can we find some lead as it was bank account of central bank of india …….Bawana branch . Can these guys be traced through that

    1. Hi anitha plz can u send the email id ur were contacted with and the phone number of the person who contacted u. please.. it will be of really good help. and if u can please give me ur email id.

    1. Hi jenu can u give the contact number of the person who contacted u.. I have placed a complaint with the police and they are in search for more people to place the complaint or atleast come forward with the problem. if it does not harm u please give me the phone number of the person who tried to contact u.

  5. hi guys . this company is full fake , they were asking 22500 for enrollment . till u pay u fees they regularly contact you and send you mail . and after tat they keep on extending the dates for visa . A time comes tat wen u call they cut your calls . then they all just vanish . their no . mob – 08588027371 their office no . 01145695804. plz be aware and post this to all .

  6. This idiots are playing with people’s life don’t believe them.They are cent percent fraud. They will contact you by following names payal sri vastav ,shruti ,arathi

  7. Please note friends, it is definitely a fake company; since,

    1. They do not meet personally, only correspond through mail
    2. They do not have a proper address listed on their website
    3. Their website itself was registered in Nov 2015!!!

  8. Hi All,

    Its 100% fake, as per their mail, they have given their Corporate RC number as U74999DL2009PTC272925, but this doesn’t exist in our Ministry of Corporate Affairs records.

    Pls check the below link & type the company name,

    Dont pay guys, its 100% fake.

    2 companies exist in this same name. Check the below links you will find the difference.

  9. its purely fake, they asked 25000, before selection and 50,000 after getting visa and air ticket, i am civil engineer. They sent mails regarding urgent vacancy in singapore
    dont ever pay single penny to any one, There are bunch of crooks exploiting the unemployed people, playing with there money

    1. its cent percent fake. i asked to this girls , that i am planning to come to your office. they didnt give adress and all. more over in there website also not published office adress. now a days they are not replying to my mails also. NO DOUBT. THIS IS FAKE. THESE FU**ERS ARE CHEATING UNEMPLOYED PEOPLES LIKE US.

  10. Skywing management delhi asking entrollment fees 22500 rs for the post of staff nurse in a arcus Denmark. Is dis fake or not.
    Dey r contacting me through

  11. Skywing management delhi asking entrollment fess 22500 for the post of staff nurse in a arcus Denmark. Is dis fake or not.
    Their Email .

    1. Same problem I have he asking enrollment fee RS.2500 finally at least 50% of money. I need skywings job true or fake. Civil engineerjobs in Singapore mobile 9884846980 karthikeyan

        1. We can lodge FIR against them at Bawana industrial area -New Delhi police station as they have there office some where in Bawana.