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I get the link of the website by a post on Instagram, his what’s app number is +91 99359 70801. He give me a link to register
Then he asked me to add 160 rs. in registered account and I will get commission. I do the same and I get paid also. Then he give me a telegram link Cloud_Mail9 and told me to contact for further steps. I connected on telegram and then he ask me to do a list of tasks. I choose task with rs 500 and it got completed in rs 1000. I get a salary with commission. Then he again asked me to do more task. I started with rs 1000. But the task is going on and on. It demands for more recharge with every order. The task consists of suboders in order. The person don’t tell me that the amount will be extended. He told me to complete the task to get money otherwise my money will be freezed. I invest more than 30000 rs like this but the task was not completed. When I asked the person on telegram that I want to quit this task and want to withdraw money. Then he said that it is not possible to withdraw the money in between and ask me to complete the task by investing more money. When I told him that I don’t have any money I have already borrowed money from my friends then he asked me to take a loan from bank. If i will not complete the task then my money will not be refunded.


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