Hi this is VIREN JALTA (M.D) SHARP LITES.As far as this complaint is concerned it is false.It is true that SHARP LITES hired this firm to create website for company.One of there employe Mr.Ravinder came to our HEAD OFF.Shimla and took the adv. money (Rs.4000 NO RECEIPT IS GIVEN TILL NOW DATE) and company employe gave all the details to him regarding company and what to add in website.after requesting again and again after one month the website was created and after that the firm starting asking for rest of the balance amount (Rs.7000).but when the website was checked it was not made according to the companys requirement.Then again requested to Mr. RAVINDER (as he was the only concerned person in contact with the company)to make changes in the website as per the companys requirment.In response in refused by saying it is not in his hands then another person Mr.VIVEK from hyderabad(as he said so) called up asking for the balance amount to b deposited in his personl ac. no.Then again it was requested to this new person to make changes and balance amount wil be deposited accordingly but it never happened and now this firm is putting blame on Company to hide there negligencyAs far as these contents r concerned like courier and bank transfer( have any proof come forward) are all false.A company which is having 14 branches in himachal and 22 branches in punjab is not capable of paying Rs.7000 only what stupind every konws.So for these false allegations put by this firm Company has right to take legal action against them as taking the adv. money from the company and not fulfilling the companys requirement.As far as our products are concerend no one has right to comments( only consumer who uses)not u .This is to inform all the companies that this firm SQUARE FOUR TECHNOLOGIES is a fraud firm and the people concerned with them like Mr.Ravinder who deals in himachal and Mr. Vivek from hyderabad(as he say so ph. no.08977551810)as they didnt mention the companys name and there emp.bcos they r fraud and beaware of them and upon saying abuse words like stupid and fool action will be taken.and it is futher infomed that this fraud firms registeration wil be cancelled by law and all legal action wil b taken against those idiot people who r in the management and has put false allegations to defame the companys for there benefits.SO THIS IS TO INFORM EVERYONE DONT EVER COME ACROSS THIS FIRM AND THERE EMPLOYES . And as far this gentleman is concerned who commented on this.COMPANY HAS LODGED A FIR AGAINST FOUR B.M .(1) RAJ KUMAR (B.M KANGRA).(2) AJAY SINGH(B.M MANDI & KULLU_, (3) RAJEEV KUMAR(B.M HAMIRPUR) AND(4) PARMOD SINGH(B.M UNA) as they have cheated the company by selling the companys products and not depositing the amount in companys ac.and one of them didnt even gave the salary to the employes which was given to him and upon that he has given cheque of Rs.55000 to the company of his own ac. by showing sale to achieve target and optain salary.SALARY was given to him but his cheque bounced twiced which is an illegal off. THIS GENTLEMAN MAY B ONE OF THEM.IF NOT SO HE IS MOST WELCOME AND COME FORWARD TO TALK TO US.This gentleman mailed me also and no. was also there but when contected the no.was switched off and till now also it is switched off .It shows who true ur MR.Kundan.Raj0989@gmail.com(chor chor mosere bhai)

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