Sri Sai College Of Engg. & Technology Badhani – Not Refunding Security Deposited at the time of admission

The Principal,
Sri Sai College Of Engg. & Technology

Subject: Subsequent Reminder for Refund of Security Deposited at the time of
admission in *****year 2003

Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is P Kaur (Batch 2003-2007) and I am writing to you in connection with the Security deposit that I supposed to get back on the completion of my studies.
As you may remember that I have submitted additional amount of Rs 7500/- as a Security Deposit. This Security Deposit is often refunded to the students when they finish the complete course. I have requested for the refund on my completion of studies but unfortunately no action was taken at that point in time. I again tried to get the money back when I came back to collect my Degree but again I had to face the disappointment.

I have also came to know that this institution has deliberately not refunded the said amount to many students despite repeated requests and appraisals. This amounts to a culpable crime incriminating the responsible officials as well as the management of the institution for denying the legitimate claim of the students for refund of security deposit amount.
I trust that you will feel the responsibility and will an action about this issue as soon as possible. I also believe that you well understand the concept of running an institute with ethical values. We as students have absolute right to ask for money which actually belongs to us.

(In case of no recourse of action from you, within the 30 days from the date of the receipt of this reminder I shall be free to take recourse through the Court of Law.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,
P Kaur
ri****[email protected]

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  1. A good institute is that which have proper rules and regulations. if management / college wants student to be at their best in discipline but i want to ask where the management stands, not refunding the refundable security shows the college standards.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I (Aman) have Completed my from Sri Sai College of Engg. & Tech. Bungal Badhani Pathankot in 2011. but from 2011 to Till date i did not get a refund of Deposit Money of Rs 7500, which is deposited in college as a security money at time of Admission.

    I follow up many time but there is no positive response from college side I m getting to till date. Every time they told me same thing that your cheque with in a process and u will contact after 12-15 days, when I call back again after 15-16 days the answer will be same that your cheque under process.

    So I request to you to please resolve my complaint ASAP.