stallion intellectual – Not received QC report and payment of my offline image typing work

my name is maitrey patel. i am take offline image typing work in stallion intellectual pvt ltd in ahmedabad.
my regestration ID:483STKO065HO162
company name: stallion intellectual pvt ltd.
company address: 402, Fourth Floor, Shilp Avenue-A, Opp. Himalaya Mall, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad – 380015.
comapny website:
company phone number:07043110306/08511137896/9974786867.

i am taken 300 image work to type into their software agent at 5-aug-2014 and company give me 30 days time to complete that work and i submite my work on 24-aug-2014 before my submission date.
i deposite 13125/-rs to take this work.
when i visit first time company to see add in newspaper that time their employee KOMAL just told me that “you need to type minimum 200images or maximum 300images in 30 days in our software and we will generate QC report in 4-5 working days and than after you get payment in 10 working days according to your QC report nothing else.
And when i complete my work of 300files and submite it. but aftre 1 week when i asked them about my QC report they told me first that some problem in your work we have to few more dsays to generate QC report and after 1 week i asked them about my QC report but that time they told me that you have BUG in your work but i don’t know about what is BUG? so asked them but they are send me one video which completely fake and not understable than after i told them to see this BUG process infront of me in your company but than after they don;t receive my any phones or cut my phones. 10 times i visit their office to meet them personally and saw that BUG process to Mr.Mitul Modi(9974786867) but he told me that we have no time to saw this process infront of you you just saw this process in our video yourself. And one more thik that video which they saw me it;s another software and which i complete my work is another software.
And when i told them to give me QC report and give my deposite back they told me that it;s not possible, we are not giving deposite back to any customer.
And still i didn’t get any update about my QC report and my payment.
So, please anybody help me to beck my deposite and my work payment because i lost my collage fees in this deposite and also west my time to complete this work.
KOMAL-Inquiery visit.
MITUL MODI-Director Of Stallion Intellectual PVT LTD.


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  1. ye Myasir bhi galat he. or jo jo log is company ke baare me sahi sahi likh rahe ho wo sab us company ke hi log he. agar wo log suche he to proof kyu nahi batate ki unko kitane paise mile he.

  2. Hi

    Today morning i got a call regarding data entry job and visit our office at hadapsar pune
    before visiting i thought lets see the review first but i can see dangerous reviews.

  3. Hey guys these persons talking about they got thier payments these comments are completely lie because if they got their payment then why they have to come at complaint form

    1. I got my payments at time here’s my contact number you can ask me anything about stallion’s and it’s policy. I’m student having 80wpm and 80-95percent accuracy so I’m making thousands every month. Here’s my number M.Yasir 9953601123

    2. Yes ! you are right . are you too the victim of this company if yes, plz guide me too what is the reality behind this company. Because i visited this company yesterday . So i’m puzzled ! wht to do or not!

  4. Dear Megha/Sunil/Chinka

    If you think that company is good and they make payment in time without fail, you all are satisfied with this company, then plz share your contact details, so any one who read this matter and get right guidance from you and they never miss guide by any one.

    Awaiting for your reply.

  5. Hello Maitrey, As you are became a victim of stallioni ntellectual Pvt. Ltd.
    I suggest you to please do complain to serious Fraud Investigation against this fraud company.
    you can complain your matter to its official website
    where you have to fill your matter in the form
    if they will not help then go to police station.
    I hope you will get your money soon. good luck

  6. i agree with Mr. sunil singh i am her friend and i am working with the company since 4 months at the first point i did not receive the good amount of cheque but from the second month as my mistakes were reduced i got good amount of cheques and the payment is on time as said by the company and if we work on the terms and conditions of the company the company reverts in good way..
    i would request the people not to MISS GUIDE OTHERS…

  7. Sunil Singh Bisht

    Dear Mr Ajay Khanderia. As I have mentioned in my previous comment. I have been paid on time. Which itself means that it is 100% possible to earn from the company, when we work as per company policy. I am very much sure you must have made mistakes in typing due to which you couldn’t earn. I have seen, my friends have got their cheques on time. Kindly share the terms and conditions told to you by the company while joining. I request kindly don’t MISS GUIDE OTHERS.

    1. My number is 9033540929…sunil Singh ji it will be an excellent help if you can send me the payment cheque image or ur passbook images or ur internet banking transactions snapshot or anything that proves that this company makes payment on time and it is not fraud…

      Awaiting your kind response…

    2. Sir u are saying ur friends got there cheques so please kindly tell them to send the proofs of the company so we can believe on u and the company please kindly do it why because am trying to do that work so that am asking please please tell me as soon as sir my email id. [email protected]

  8. Hello maitrey. This is Sunil Singh Bisht. I am working with Stallion Intellectual for the past four months. It has been as great experience. I have been paid on time. Kindly don’t miss guide others. If You say you have been cheated by the company. Than kindly give us proofs for it. We would also like to know what steps have you taken against the fraud???????

  9. Can you share you contact details, as I am also victim of Stallion, Ihave filed case in Consumer Court, Ahmedabad – Join me (9228861277)

  10. Lodge a complaint in consumer court, we should fight against these fraudulent activities. There is no shortcut for success other than hard work. Even if we do hard work these type of companies will cheat us. We should teach a lesson to these companies by quit India mission.

  11. hey..dear……..can u told me ….this company is fraud or not? ……..because money is needed for me. and i m interested in this type of work………but will they give me my payment ? plz say…….yes or not?