StarCJ – Refund never processed

We have ordered Krishika Saree combo pack of 7 Sarees ( Krishika PO7 ) on 1st April and received product right on next day. On first time delivery, we received faulty sarees almost all the sarees had dots at the end and small holes. Also in middle of the sarees there was miss colourization making over all experience disappointment. We asked for replacement which was processed almost after 10-20 days. This time again we felt humiliated receiving similar faults. I instantly called the customer care and asked for refund. Post which it again took almost 15-20 days for the same only when I made repeated calls. Finally on 13th May 2015 the sarees were picked up by delivery person and handed the received receipt.Delievery person checked all sarees and took all them with him in his box which he brought. He only mentioned the refund will be generated within 7 -10 working days. However there was no followup, but we soon received call from one o the person mentioning one of the saree is missing. We were shock to listen that and informewd him as the sarees were already checked by the pickup person on which the person said he will check and get back to us. There was no response. I called customer care numerous times, everytime they mention within 2 working days complaint department will get back to us. However complaint department never got back to us. After my deep questioning StarCJ informed that the return of product was never received by the wearhouse or godown, on which CC agent infomred once they receive the product they will generate the refund. Today is August 9th 2015 and we are yet to receive the refund. CC agents only inform that I should wait however one day they will generate the refund. After deep humiliation, Star CJ never gave thought of post sale care and complaints. These people only want us to pay them fooling us and there is no proper care taken once paid. I cannot wait anymore. Star CJ should refund us back our money. This is pain and hurtful of us.

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