Sumangal Softech Fraud Company – Fraus Owner Suman Venkatesh

The sumangal softech is one of the best biggest cheating company in all over india. Especially the company owner ” Suman Venkatesh” is very CROOKS in the world. I am Rajesh from chennai. I worked sumangal softech before 1 year as the position of web designer at sumangal softech kodambakkam. He is not given the salary of past 6 months. He is cheating guy….. The suman venkatesh cheat with more guy, the many people want study the course and pay the fees in Sumangal Knowledge House. He is cheating with all. The mobile number is switched off any time. The land line number ring is going but not attend the call..

” Don’t believable in Sumangal Softech “. Is the Fraud company……………………….

Note : Dear Friends, in my opinion dont join with sumangal softech company dont purchase with web design and web development in their company.


Rajesh Kumar.R

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