Sunflame Shakti Gas stove with 2 burner


In the month of August 7th 2013 we purchased sunflame shakti star 2 burner from shree ashapura kitchenware, 5, Dwarkesh complex, bopal, Ahmedabad as we were shifting to new house. As on September 2 2013 we connected the gas stove there was leakage from the burner and the pipe of the gas stove and also the choke (on and off button).

We put complain to where we purchased and they connected service centre of Ahmedabad (R.K. Enterprises – Jodhpur char rasta – Ahmedabad) – Mobile number – 8866100100) they came and put some solution on the button of the gas and told us the solution dried up so leakage now it will not happen.

Again after 1 day leakage was there i asked the shop from where we purchased to replace they said Sunflame servicecentre will only replace we are retailer we will not take back the product. I called them and they told me they willr eplcethe product but they didn’t and again put solution and moved on. Again after 1 day leakage was there i called him and he said i don’t have product so didn’t replace and after calling for 2 time he told me on Tuesday 17 i will replace the product at 11 AM.

I waited till 1 PM and they don’t come to replace the gas stove and i called R.K.Enterprises mobile number – 8866100100 and he told me i am busy in meetings. What is this, customer is important or meeting?

As i called HQ of sunflame and told you guys if today you don’t make this thing alright tomorrow morning I will place complain to consumer court. So sorry to take this step as i thought Sunflame is such a good name so i purchased but service is really very bad and need to be customer friendly and what you promise deliver or say directly that we are not capable.

I am located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat and my address is A-8, Aarohi Twin Bunglows, Nr Sarkari tubewell, Bopal, Ahmedabad-3880058 and also I have the receipt.

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