suryamtechnologies-pune-fraud consultancy

hey guys!!! This is a alert for all job seekers in pune.surymatechnogies is a fraud consultancy iam suggesting to you all, i came to know with my expereinece they take money from candidate and they will not place after they got money.they kept all the documents and it is not registerd company, there is no office set up after i check the background of this consultancy i came to know.they never return the money they charge high consultancy fee from the candidates other than all consultancies, Believe me its a fraud company no one react for job postings, and they provide fraud training, they do not charge registration fee and they make us feel good on the comapny, the name of person jagadeesh is not behave proper with candidates becareful girls also don’t get cheated by them to seraching job there is no openings nothing!!!

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