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Reported By: anant shah

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Suv solution

This company has asked me to fill the no. Of forms in the given time but from the 2nd day itself the website has errors due to which I lost my time and now that are going to call me to give them money that is 6700 in the name of fake contract they created. Please work on this. Name of the person is Yogi Sharma whom I talked and discussed with this person runs the scam with SUV solution company name

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  1. They offered me a data entry job . Filling 1200 forms in 8 days and paying ₹30,000. They asked me to maintain 90% accuracy.I submitted my work on time and just in view that it could be a fraud i had taken screenshots of 1200 forms by dully filling them. Before submitting the form I had rechecked them once again. Yesterday night i had submitted my work. N now today morning they called up to tell that your work is 89% accurate and when I asked for proofs of wrong forms the lady misbehaved badly used nuisance words and asked me to pay additional ₹6500 for getting my forms checked. I have been badly cheated , mentally harassed and similar to me there would be many students being used up for the same. I have there document which they sent me through email help* , , their phone no.s specifically +91-9726001172, +91-6359570631. I have screenshots of all my forms. It is a fraud company cheating students like me , harassing them, frauding them, I want my salary of doing work for them with compensation of mental stress that they have caused and such companies are pulling back students enthusiasm and their ability to do work. They are the barriers to India’s development. I’ve filed a complaint against them in consumer court.

  2. Suv ye ak froud company he. Mujhe bhi aisa hi job offer kiya tha.aur mujhe puri tarah se convince kara ki me ye aggriment sigh karu. Phir 2 din mene kaam kiya phir 3 re din aise hi google pe iss company ke bare me search kiya to dekha ki ye bilkul hi froud company he. Phir mene kaam karna band kar diya .Phir 2-3 din baad mujhe koi unknown no se call aya aur bola ki hum aapka work complet karenge aap hume 4000 do.mene ignore kara.phir wakil ka phone aaya aur bola ki aapke upar case kiya he.phir usko mail karke bahot sari galiya di.phir usne mere pati ko meri complaint ki aapki wife galiya de rahi he.phir pati ne bhi gali di. Phir mene raat ko phir mail karke gali ya di. Soo aap log dari mat kuch nahi hota.wo sub froud he.unko acche se ans do

  3. They cannot trap us due to following points: (1) They are using same stamp paper for all the deals which is a solid proof against them as they’re cheating the Govt. (2) They are not ready to share the QC report to the workers, which is the right of us to know where we went wrong. (3) Using same formats to trap the job seekers, everyone will be scared, disappointed and being pressurized to pay the amount which they asked, which will not be stopped after the payment and will force us to pay more and more, without thinking of anything as we are getting multiple fake advocate calls, which will not stand strong (4) No courts will ask to pay the sum all at a sudden without a hearing which they cannot go with all these fake formats, calls and work. Do not worry of their calls, just simply ignore or shout at them and ask them to do whatever you like.. (5) If they are threatening again, just complaint to Prime Minister’s Grievance Redressal cell. They will take care everything and will get it handcuff all these fraud people.

  4. I am going through the same problem you have mentioned. I am going through financial crisis therefore I join this and now they are asking me money without any mistake I don’t want to pay them .what can I do please help me

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