SVAIZA – hacked Rs 699 by fake luky draw contest

Respected Sir/Madam, From many months a particular message containing lucky draw contest and 100% refund of money was coming to my inbox. A website named “SVIAZA.COM” was sending this message. Today I checked out the mail and participated in that contest and paid Rs 699 from my debit card. After that no acknowledgement came and they also didn’t sent me any user id and password. then i checked about that site and came to know that this websites totally fake and it has fooled around a million of people including me. They simply post a fake contest and declare to sale goods at lower prices, but one can never sign in to the website after the money is gone. So, i want to know that why you allow this websites to cheat us repeatedly although millions of this cases have been uploaded on Google. And please do something so that it cannot misuse my bank account.

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