– Cheaters!!! selling auto buy sell signal software [Resolved]

Beware!!! Beware!!! Beware!!!Beware!!! Beware!!! Beware!!!Beware!!! Beware!!! Beware!!!Beware!!! Beware!!! Beware!!!

No.1 cheaters selling auto buy sell signal software for indian stock market (nifty futures, nifty spot, bse, commodity, forex). Actually these software code is available free on the internet. These people use the same code and hide it with a password and selling it in their name as though they have created it. And not for less they charge Rs.10, 900 for installation. Its a code used in AMIBROKER software, they give a evaluation amibroker and copy this code for using. They are nuts with no knowledge of technicals and fundamentals. Beware of these cheaters you can search these codes yourself.. Don’t waste money on these idiots(shantanu jagdev 09420900227, vaibhav thakur 09762888807)
after taking subcribtion and cheaking back test when buy nifty as per signal it goes down and when you sell it goes up

Their website is

all this websites and blogs are of same persons

please pls pls pls pls
Beware!!! Beware!!! Beware!!!

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  1. This is not good to use such a word against these people, I think you are not understand that software, Its very good, because I am regular user of software which gives me very good Profit.Yesterday Profit in Nifty. Attached File.

  2. i agree with vinayak sir, i think this guy really dont understand software and service i am also satisfied with quality and profit from svlivetrade chart. and call to call back test is not possible because chat work with res. and sup base, so please remove this complaint.

  3. I do not agree with Vinayak Rathi because the screen short that you are showing which shows positive trade against your trade.but practically when you trade regularlly it is not possible to gain in all trades and when you trade regularlly and when 2-3 times continuously yours stoploss triggers your morals breaks for trading in stock market and you get huge losses in stock markets . i say mr vora”s complaint is genuine all this types of websites only show only positive screen shorts .and after giving complaints againts them they write fake comments againts complainer. so that they should not get effect on selling thier products. by the way all this types of websites like only shows positive screen shorts.and new customers becomes bakras of thiers pls do not blindly buy this types of softwares. and after giving complaints against svlivetrade ho sakta hai mr, vinayak rathi and mr, hitesh dayani both of them are companies group circles person who write comments only for

    So dont be get cheated by this types of companies . this is my request to all of traders and investers who trade in share markets.

    thanks regards
    pankaj desai