TATA SKY – Not Giving Credit of my payment of Rs 13950 since last 2 Months

My TATA SKY ID: 1096107378


On 20th March 2016 i called Tata Sky Help Line & they directed me (transferred the call) to their IVR . The transaction of Rs 13950/- was done on their MCC Code (EDC Machine Code No) No 4899. The IVR ref no is 608015222800. The transaction was successful.

The ICICI Bank has provided me the authorization no also of the successful transaction. The authorization no is 346578.

All the above information has been submitted to TATA SKY many times including the copy of my Credit Card statement.

Its been almost two months since i made the transaction but TATA SKY people are not giving me the credit inspite of the fact that i have submitted all the documents & proof required by Them. I have made unlimited phone calls & E-Mails but all in vain.

ICICI Bank has been repeatedly telling me that TATA SKY has to contact them (ICICI Bank) with authorization number & all problems will be resolved. But unfortunately its not been done in almost two months time. So please talk to ICICI Bank with following details :

Card No: 4501 7201 1983 9008
Transaction Date : 20th March 2016
Transaction Amount : Rs. 13950/-
MCC Code (EDC Machine Code): 4899
IVR Ref No: 608015222800.
Successful transaction authorization No : 346578

Once again please find attached the copy of my ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement reflecting the said transaction & also my Credit Card No

In hope…..

Vijay Singh Rajawat
+91 9820036943

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