TataSky Sub ID 1007817792 – No Signal Issue

ear Nodal Officer,

Reference : TataSky Sub ID : 1007817792

I spoke to you yesterday and you had said you will call back as the wait time is more than 20 seconds. It’s been 24 hours (and Now 48 hours) and I have not heard back from Nodal Office nor did any tatasky technician. All my calls now go unanswered – strangely I am not surprised.

MY TV is not receiving any signal from past 5 days.Tried calling TATA sky customer care service 3 times today and every time they transferred it to some kannada speaking executive. If this is so then why do you ask to select the language at the beginning of the call. (This is their strategy as their services are outsourced and the companies which handle customer care get their revenue based on the length of the call duration and the no. of calls made !!!)

When the call is chargeable(we pay for every second although they claim it to be toll free) why on this earth are we made to listen to your advertisements. Nothing can be more annoying than listening to upgrade this….upgrade that…get this free get that free when the customer is already aggrieved. You cant even provide basic services properly and expect to the customer to take more of your services. Pathetic!

I seriously hope this issue to get resolved as soon as possible or I am moving to consumer court.

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