Textus Intentio – Fraud and forgery husband and wife

This company is managed by Husband and Wife Amit and Khanjan Garg resp. They take website development project and then outsource it to different companies. I was also outsourced the work of their website. While dealing with us he told me that complete HTML will be given to us and we will have to be integrated in Joomla.

We continued their work for around 1 month and even designed the website and integrated content of theirs into. Then suddenly they came up saying that they have problem with our working conditions. They asked me to return their project (till the most recent work done) and they will pay us the considerable amount in lieu of it.We gave them the project and they hand over the cheque to us. Mr. Amit deliberately signed the cheque wrong and it got bounced. Now after that when we approached them for the bounced cheque he was least bothered to pay us and said straight away no. Because the project was already handed over to them.

TEXTUS INTENTIO is being managed by couple who are fraud and are waiting for the opportunity to loot anyone that they can.

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