Tmesis Technologies – Tmesis not paying vendor – citing invalid reasons and delaying

We are a small co based in Chennai. Tmesis Tech is an Indian Co Registered as a Singapore Co. They successfully bid for an Elance project in Singapore and outsourced to us. We had commenced work without an advance or Work Order but we were in mail / chat communication. By the time the project reached the User Acceptance Testing, the Client passed away. Now Tmesis is not committing on a date for payment and I have been following with them for over 2 months. They maintain that they have not received more than few hundred dollars which is false. Tmesis’s ( Indian dev center seems to be outsourced; the CEO is out of the country and they have a virtual Office in Singapore. Their US address is incomplete. They have a history of not paying salaries even their staff. Would appreciate some help here and am willing to share the details. The amount due is pretty huge for a startup like mine. And this is to warn potential victims who may end up like me.

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  1. Tmesis is known in many names across few countries with virtual offices. Tmesis Technology, Tmesis Technologies Inc (USA), Tmesis Technogies Pte (Singapore).
    As of now, even their site seems to be suspended.
    Earlier they operated under a name UBER MACHT… and then it was Temsis.. and their Chennai Dev center is outsourced now… and their site seems to be down…
    Maybe this buch of cheats would surface under another name and operate for few months.. Lavanya Nandagopal seems to be a very smart lady!!!