unique trees pvt. ltd. – salary not paid after resignation

Dear Sir, company namely Unique Trees pvt.ltd., located at banjara hills road no 12.i was working there for 40 days only. When i attended for interview for tress, they told that to appointed as a sales engineer for trees and later they told that when going to customer give the aesthetics brochure to the customer.just giving the aesthetics brochure to the customer and explain to the customers regarding trees if they ask any thing i contact to the concert person . 20th November GM sir told that we don’t what you we that that your experience is useful for aesthetics suddenly GM Sir told to resigns from a job, they have not given any notice period and he told that clear the salary i will tell to HR to clear the salary but now he is telling that i will not give the salary . (His name Mr.Vishwanath(GM) contact no.9246874522) They are not given appointment letter (or) any letter. please help me for getting the salary. My E-Mail:- ksekharmech@mail.com, mob.no:- 9705524775)

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  1. This is an absolutely ridiculous complaint. The person claiming salary worked in our company for exactly 20 days not 40 days. He was assigned certain task which he was unable to perform during his tenure also his communication and skills were no where near what he claimed in his C.V or during interview. Unable to bear non performance we asked him to leave our company and agreed to settle his salary once he returns the company mobile phone which was given to him when he joined. He neither return the company phone or came back since and i have found this absurd complaint posted online. I urge the website owners not to entertain such false guys.

    Legal Desk,
    Unique Trees Pvt. Ltd.