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Dear Sir/Mam, i have received a call from www.urgentvacancies.com , they told me this jobportal offer me a job ‘offer letter” and told me to submit only 1800 rupees online and they will give me tha job offer letter .They told me further charge not required . I submit the 1800 rupees online , after submit my rupees they told me the another word , they told me now your profile is uncomplete and you are required to submit another transaction but not any other charge will be deducted from your debit card account. they told me this online page will be stay only 2 minutes so i submit quickly. After sometime when i checkd my atm debit card i saw that they deduct rupees 13000/- . sir they are fraud and cheated with me.They called me from +91120691600 and +911203330600 told me their office is new delhi.I lost around 15000 rupees and please help me out.

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    1. I mistook same.
      Did you get this amount till now?
      if not then contact me on +919427639686.
      I am from Gujarat.

      We will see them.

      1. They are a cheat, today I lost 2100 rupees.
        as soon as I paid them, they asked me to pay Rs 5100 more for application for job call in some of the biggest firms in India. I found it suspicious and did not pay any further amount.

        So I lost Rs 2100 only, guys please be beware of such websites.

        1. i also went thru the same.i paid 2100+tax n then 2460+tax.We had a fight over phone for the payment n they said they ll cancel my profile.

        2. i got call from urgentvacancies today.
          abhay raj panday was name of the caller.
          he was asking me to pay 2100 rs for job in big mncs
          i knw he is fake…n while in call i googled it…
          n i got this result that the number is fake 01206638100.
          b i caught him as a fake person…i demand his persnl email id n phone number as he rejects all…as i refused to pay 2100…he was shouting at me that i actually understands hes a fraud…
          plz beware of these piece if shitt….

          1. Absolutely right. This is the case of cyber fraudulent.

            Today i posted a query about mobile phone with snapdeal.com and can’t figure out where the hell these idiots called me from.
            And got call from the same number (+911206638100), also their “sir” called me from +911206191691.

            They said I have to make payment of 5100 to them (www.urgentvancancies.com) and a code will generate that will give me discount. Ch***ye s**le! 😀

            I got information as:
            Name: Aditya
            Address: Delhi, connaught place B block 156 Monica LG

            Beware of these kind of call where they insist you to make immediate payments. Have safe surfing.

            1. Thanks dude !
              Today I got call from them and after watching review. I get aware of this fraud company .

      2. the same thing happend to me they asked to pay 1050 but they deducted 13000…and recently they called me and are saying that i got selected in reputed mnc so u need to undergo some protocals like registration by paying amount of 5000 …..this amount will be refundable on ur first salary…till now i didnot get my 13000 back how can i trust them and pay 5000 again…what should do to get my money back please someone help me

    2. Nishant S Mevawala

      I missed my money (1800 + 8490 + 3088.78 + 13929.30)
      And I have been recorded them voice.

      So, you can also take my help into your Mistake.

      Don’t follow Urgent Vacancies Company and Roozgaar Company from Delhi-Nodia.
      Both are totally fraud working to gather.

      Do not talk with them employees?
      Employees Name Like
      – Suraj Tragi
      – Aman Varma
      – Rahul
      – Anurag
      – Vinit

      Contact Details : +911203330600, +911206191600, +911204957400, +911204855950

      My Name : Nishant S Mevawala
      Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Nishant9686
      Contact No : 09427639686

      Any problem send me facebook Friend Request or directly contact me.

      1. I was contacted by urgent vacancy today and they told me that i will get my security refund within two hours … and also was promised a job offer letter directly.. i m an idiot to believe them.. amount paid = 2700+5100+5100 = 12900.. please help me gt my refund ….

        1. THANKS for all your review about this website. i m just going to register on this and thought first to check reviews. i saved my money because all of you

        2. i have also been cheated about 40 -50,000. Then i saw this review and not spent a single money after this …………… Please i want this money refunded from urgentvacancy

      2. the same thing happened to me, but I was alerted by seeing all this comments of yours,,,,thanx all of u for sharing your thoughts against cyber crime and bewaring other victims,, every one should be aware of any fraudalents going on……noone would be going to a job by taking money ….keep this in mind

        1. I am going to suffer same at mention on reviews but now knew to me what actually they want. Bahinc**ot…. Marathi mansala fasavan sop rahil nahi makdano..I HATE URGENT VACANCY..
          Thanks yaar.

    3. Same thing happened with me also guys…
      They had cheated1800+3990 from me also..
      if i hd read these comments b4 paying the amount…
      then my money also would be saved…..
      but, we cant shut our mouth like this..
      we have to stop them…

    4. Go to cyber cell of crime branch of your area police station and lodge the complaint . I m sure police will help you 100%

      1. Today i also got a call from urgent vacancy. some Ajay told me to pay 2360/-. b4 pay i checked the review n saved. Thank you all of you.

  1. i received a call from urgentvacancies.com such that need to pay 1800rs to get selected in L and T. i checked the wrbsite and its very original. so i paid 1800. then again asked me to pay 5600rs to submit application. i got suspicious and searched the mob no they used. many people got scheated in different company names from same above no. so dont believe such kind of calls. thank god i lost oly 1800rs. they r doing this as a job from Ghaziabad U.P from a call centre. i am going to lodge a complaint against them soon.

  2. I would like to thank you for helping me in my job hunt. As you have given me 9 job reports out of that i have received 2 to 3 positive response.
    I paid initially 1800 and 3990 for job assistance 🙂
    Iam satisfied, brothers I don’t know the other cases

      1. kindly note it they are cheater but you have to left your contact also because they are making fraud day by day we have to generate a group together and should have to take an action against this fraud company.

        1. Muze b 2 bar cl kia from same no. and muze b 1800 bharne bola thank god ……. maine net pe search kia pehle …… mai to bach gai…… aiso ki to cyber crime me report kar deni chaiye….

          1. Nabarun Majumdar

            the same guys called me today!!! & asked me to pay sum of rs 2100 tellin the money will be refunded to me within 2 days after intervw!!! by sheer luck i escaped their trap as my net conection due to sme reasons broke. & so now i just casualy searched for reviews abt them & whoaaa!!! A number of candidates have been duped by them!!! 🙁
            Such people should be sued!!!! bastards!!! :-X

      1. Actually, its a chain. First of all, how they come to know that we have applied to such company. Actually, they are paying to some job sites and then will get our data and access to job site with all the resumes and further details. And they also know that to which job u applied. The problem is take action against those big sites who are giving information to such recruiters. They are outsourcing our resumes and personal data. Thanks. I have heard that its like their motto.
        Big sites says- We are having great fun. U also have some fun by paying to us. I mean the recruiters pay thousands of rupees to big job sites to gain access to your resumes. This is all business. Beware , my advice is attend direct interviews and dont pay single money at first.

  3. I don’t know why you faced this problem. Even i got a call from urgentvacancies.com and i got my resume made by them. When i Received the resume it was wonderful and after uploading i immediately got several job offers.

    now i am employed and working all thanks to their services

    1. Dear Friend,

      Please share ur contact number and company address and contact no.

      at least one mis call from ur no.


    2. As you have said that you have got Update Resume from them…………. So Kindly send us that Resume to my Email id : aryapraveen.18@gmail.com I will be very much Thanks full to you……… As i too paid Amount Rs.5100/- to this Site. But till now no Job & anything………..

  4. Hi,

    I too got a call from urgentvacancy.com
    They told me that my resume has been selected and asked me to pay rs 1800.

    I work in IT field and I am already aware of this kind of fruad.
    So I told him that I am not interested at all and I will file a complain if they call me again.

    those who have faced this fraud should file a legal complain about it as complaining online will not help.
    If you file a legal case then only these guys will be caught and you will get the money back.

    Also I would like to tell you if anyone is asking money for a job then goto google reviews before making any decision.
    money in exchange of job is an offence.

  5. akshay waghmare

    i also got call from urgentvacancies.com,but at the moment when the caller named imran told me to come online for registration procedure, i got some doubt in mind, i refused and say that i am unable to come online now i will come online after two days.& ask him about web address of your job placement comsultancy.& now when i was seraching detail about it.i found this remarks.thank god i didnt pay any amount.i request to cyber crime dept.to restrict such people who taking advantage of people who are desperate about job.

  6. As all people are saying that they hav got some fake call from “urgentvacancy.com” it is completely true but i also got the same ring on ma no.,,,he told me to give me job and i would have paid Rs.1800 and told me 2 come online for registration pay them money through debit card…they are making fool to others and i also know that cyber officers know about them .and still they r not taking some serios steps against them…they are taking advantage of people who r desperate about job……

  7. Hi
    i got today a call from +91120330600. He told me about a vaccancy in cochin & asked to login their website & transfer rs 1800/-. I asked him to get lost.
    previously i got the same type of call from another -roozgaar.com. So please beware of these fraudsters

  8. Thanks all of who give review & experience here. i am also getting call from urgent vacancy from last three days so many time they try to insist me to payout rs1499. But now i understand about them they are totally fraud. thanks again to all you save my money.

      1. Go to cyber cell of crime branch police in your area and lodge the complaint , I m sure 100% police will help you for your money refund

  9. Khara Nanda Koiraka

    Again the same call to me also from the same number and same showing the job Opportunity.
    Can you plz. guide me?
    Fraud na?????????

  10. Just got a call from some ‘Giri’ (911206191600)asking me the exact same thing, pay 1800. I smelled something fishy and thanks to you all now I know what to do. I was supposed to be online now and instead I am here commenting on this site. Wish we could lodge a formal complaint and get these guys arrested and punished. They just can’t keep looting people like this. Hope we are able to save many more people with the help of this site.

    1. I had received a call from the same number that you mentioned. iam alert now by seeing these comments. thankssssss…

  11. Any good consultancy will never charge to candidate for job. Only fraud company doing like this. Dear friend those who are asking money, according to my knowledge they are 100% fraud. So be careful. Lot of good job sites are there, you can upload your resume & get direct response from company.

  12. I also call from the same no form two days.. i call me go urgenly on line and picked you Debit card.
    and do the transation for rs 1850 / i refuesd and say i dont have . ATM in my pocket.. so they told me
    Give your friends ATM card.. for this is very fast/.. your last chance to getting nice job with reputed IT com. I think this fraud.. BECAUSE.. no one is Getting PAYMENT EARLY>even they KNOW YOU PERSNALY… FRIENDS IF ANYBODY>> WITH ME>>WE WILL FIGHT THE SAME>> MAY BE THEY call me AGAING.. IN NEXT DAY.. .. I talk them very roughly .BUT THEY STILL WANT TO GIVE ME JOB.. WHY>>>>>? .

    1. I also call from the same no form two days.. i call me go urgenly on line and picked you Debit card.and do the transation for rs 2100 / i refuesd and say i dont have but also some how i arraged the amount and paid after that he told me to pay 9718 rs i also paid and agian he told
      wipro company is in online .. for intivew so now u agian pay 5000rs he told . after 1 week i got cal from same number that they vll refund they told to come again online i qustion him to tranfer amount why i should be online.. without the things they made me to pay 9178 again .. totally 2100+9718+5000+9178= 25996 amount. i paid .. what hel peoples are they are they given birth from one father or more i dont kow . i think more fathers.. plz help me to get the money ..

      1. Subhomoy Mukherjee

        Hi Siddhesh,

        I have lost 15K too. We need to fight against it together. Do you have a plan?

        Subhomoy Mukherjee

        1. I have also been fruad by urgentvacancies.com. They called me on 25-nov-2013 they told me that their is an interview in bhuwneswar day after tommoro for mhindra satayam or TCS and asked me to fill online from in urgentvacincies.com and then i have lost 1500 Rs. They said that they will provied sure job placement to me and later i get it know this is a fack site and they are looting the peoples and also they have a fake bank a/c named icici bank. They want me pay them upto 7000 for the documentation process but at the next process after paying 1500 and generating oder no. they asked me to do more of 2100 Rs. payment then i refused to do more payment then they said we are going to make you pay 7000 for documentation process. and also i don’t have enough money left in my a/c then to make the other payment . when i asked them that you haven’t told me about this extra payment then they said it is been decided by the compnies and not by them.
          And when i asked them to refund my money they refused to do that. and also they offer that if i pay them about 3000 to4000 more after the payment of 1500 which i have paid to them they will clear my documentation part in that amount also.
          And get to know about those MF later that MF are all Fruad and looting those peoples who are in search of jobs.
          I want that those MF should get a hard punishment for this fraud. which they are doing with the peoples.Of which i am also a victim.

          I wish those urgentvaciencies.com MF they should never rest in pease in their whole life.

        2. Dear Subhomoy

          I also lost Rs. 2100/-+2460/- = 4560/- dated on 18-12-2013. I appreciate you and telling you, we need to fight together against the fraud company Urgent Vacancies. com.
          Many person has lost their money like me and you.
          Please put your mobile no.


      2. anup v kulkarni

        Hey hi this is Anup ….same thing…same problem…they call me for same…and i paid same amount for same company…did u get ur money back…if yes then pls help me to get my money back pls help me…yr and reply me on anupkulkarni77@gmail.com

        1. Go to cyber cell of crime branch police station of your area and lodge the complaint .I m 100% sure police will help you for your money refund

  13. n 14/10/2013 i got call from one no ie 911206191600 told me to come online
    he told me to open website:www.urgentvacancies.com and suggested me to fill the form after that
    he told me to pay the amount of Rs.1800 (CV Blast) through internet banking so that he can give appointment order immidiatly so i paid also after that he asked me to pay again Rs 6200=00 i came to know that its a fraud i told him that i dont have a money i may need one day to arrange the amount. next day again he callled i asked him give me my money back he said not possible and disconnected the phone. after that i cound not reached him the number was temporarily out of service.the number he gave me was 01203330600.

  14. Hi dear frnds,

    today I also got the call from +911-20-3330600 and we the people of India can’t do anything against anything as the laws and the rules are not for good and innocent people, they are for only people who are cheating our country, our country will never grow unless we get good politicians’, who will not think of themselves and who will only think of India and the people of India. Please the People of India become one and don’t fight between our self because of cast creed or any other reason, as god has made us one.
    Come and unite this country so that we the people of India live a happy and a peaceful life.

  15. me too get a call. they told to pay rs1800 and i had done with it. after that they told like to pay rs13000. so i felt some cheating and i didnt done with the process.. guys please dont go into such traps

  16. today i also got the same call from urgentvacancies.com, they call to to give job in Dell, Ahmedabad. and said me to submit 1800 Rs for that job. he asked me in very good and attractive manner….some of my mind goes to them , and i think they are right…they give me time to think…and if satisfied come online…i seach online and found you all’s comments. THANKS TO YOU ALL…for awairing me such a CHEAP FROUD.

  17. These people are frauds and kindly donot accept any invitation from them. I have lost Rs 3000 as registration charges on Satueday, 19th October, 013.

  18. hello, same– 1800– I went online register– told him i dont use bank for any thing, he asked me to arrange me, so i told him ok i need time.. now reading all this reviews no ill go to police station answer that call in there.. lets c what this fuckers will do… Will smoke there ass that’s s tho for sure..!! “Dam TO This Fuckers”

  19. they called me today.. i said i`m interested. and now i`ve got this helfpul discussion.. my 1800 rs saved now.. thnx..

  20. I got call from the same numbers mentioned in the given comments 15 to 16 times.Everytime they used to end the call within 1 to two minutes.But today one person called me from that number and said urgent vaccancies are there in Genpact and I will be given job in my home city.100 percent job assistance for 10 years.I will be selected there with min 25000/- salary.He said he was calling from Delhi and they donot have office in Kolkata,but they have it in Pune.But in their sight also no mention of any pune office.I felt little suspicious and told him to call tomorrow at 3 pm.Thanks guys.

  21. Subhaprasad Mukherjee

    Same thing with me…7400 rs can i do anything to get my money back?? how many ways can i get my money back??

    1. Subhomoy Mukherjee

      Hi Subha,

      I am subhomoy mukherjee from Kolkata. I have lost 15K also like this today itself. Can we lodge a compalaint together to fight against it and get money back?


  22. Even i received call from a no +91120619600, he said his name is arun. He told me to come online immediately & an amt. is chargeable, but i was at company, so i said him i will be available after 6 pm. Now i read reviews & luckily i am saved by online fraud. Thank you for u all guys for reviews.
    I traced the no. using true caller, the no. is from ghaziabad, u.p. it belongs to job com recruitment.

  23. hi guys if any body is leaving near by gaziyabad then pls try to get atleast photograph of working in the bpo for this website . And publish it on all possible website later will come togethore to take the required action.

  24. Actually urgent vacancy called me and told me same thing for…Right now i am little confused..Please guys suggest me ….I should pay or not.because i have already work with an MNC..And i dnt want loose my current job for this…

  25. Dear Sir/Madam, In August I got a call from Urgentvacancy.com about job vacancy in Hyderabad. First I paid Rs.1800 and Rs. 5600 on 19th August 2013 and next Rs.9190 and Rs.4498 paid on 20th August 2013. Till now I have not got any interview call and job related call. Finally I requested them to refund my total amount but they are not responding to my call. please take a action on them and try to make my payment refund.

  26. Today i also recevied the same call.They were telling that they will recruit u in their prefered job located area.His name was Anuj Arora & called from the same number told me to contact at 01203330600. I know they are taking the advantage somewhere from call center of UP-GHAZIABAD. I checked the website and looks fake because whenever u make a online transaction u should be careful whether it is (verisign secured / visa secured) or not..So everbody be careful…..ye sala jab tak congress ka sarkar rahega yehi hota rahega…….(paise dekar padhai kiiya jaa sakta hai lekin rozgar bilkul nahi lena…..!! )

  27. I searched on the internet THEY ARE CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVES OF UNINOR TELECOM.They find another part-time job for their employees.The company is itself Fraud….so be careful everyone…!!!

  28. Hi, my name is saugata. On 31.10.2013 I got a call from urgent vacancies.They wnated 1100 from me. I understood they were frauds as they were telling about job in Wipro and HCL confirmed with a salary of 40000 in Kolkata.I refused and told them I need time. They disconnected the call.

  29. I received a call from urgentvacancies. They promised me that I can get doube my current salary etc.
    They asked me to login to their website and pay 18000 as fees.Since I was not in front of my pc,they took a time from me and promised to call me.Since I have read about these frauds and also because their promises were never practical.Imagine this: They took names of companies like Essar,Jindal etc.Senior level job.No interviews.I can join at my convenience.What nonsense was that?
    When they called me again,I told them get me the job and I will pay.Their immediate response was ” Get on the road and beg for a job”.Shows their standard.
    Now that the number is public,they are calling from a new number and their new firm name is click4employment.com or something.They called me and said am i speaking to xxx..I said yes..they asked are you looking for a job change..i said yes..then they asked which field are u working..I asked them if you know my name and number,dont you know my job area? they immediately disconnected.the number is 01204974500
    Look at their website..no phone number would be given.the phone number from which they call doesnt have incoming facility.

  30. Ye kaam Tata indicom ke customer care from UP-GHAZIABAD ka hai. Un mother chodh……….. ki maa bahin ek kar do…….!!!!

  31. Hi Friends,,i got call from them i also get same kind of dialogues and i was ready to pay that amount but now i i changed my turn

    Thank U guys for saving me from that kind of fraudulent services LuV u guys

  32. Dear friends they have make this there habit. Same fraud has been done with us they have made fraud with my younger sister and i Have complaint this in my city police station.They used to call the victim that we will return your money back. You have to do same process for returning of your amount and they want to do again fraud by doing all this. This company has made up this habit. It is not only cyber crime also it is a 420 so kindly up to date on this page we will try our best to get back our money.

  33. Dear Friends,
    Big Fraud company taking the data from website and calling and cheating innocent people Mr.VIVEK the criminal guy of the company should be behind the bars we have to take serious action against this company.

  34. Just before 15 mins i got the call from them,,after reading these many -ve comments,im not going to pay anyting…thanks to all u guys

  35. Thanks for the warning… received the first call just five minutes back. The guy sounded too interested to give me a job within ten days so I thought of reading reviews about them.. 🙂 THANK GOD!!!!

  36. Mere ko bhi baat hui , n he told me dat there is a job in jindal n pay 2100 n get registered n complete the formalities in 7 day n after telephonic n hr round i cn join ,,
    i said yes, n as i am aware of this kind of fraud ( actually once lost 800 by paying to oxone consultancy )
    i chkd d reviews n i get to know ki unki maa behen karni h ph laga k unko ,,

  37. Dear Sir/Mam, i have received a call from http://www.urgentvacancies.com , they told me this jobportal offer me a job ‘offer letter” and told me to submit only 1800 rupees online and they will give me tha job offer letter .They told me further charge not required . I submit the 1800 rupees online , after submit my rupees they told me the another word , they told me now your profile is uncomplete and you are required to submit another transaction but not any other charge will be deducted from your debit card account. they told me this online page will be stay only 2 minutes so i submit quickly. After sometime when i checkd my atm debit card i saw that they deduct rupees 13000/- . sir they are fraud and cheated with me.They called me from +91120691600 and +911203330600 told me their office is new delhi.I lost around 15000 rupees and please help me out.

  38. i would like to add one more number- +911206638100
    Please don’t entertain such fraud assholes…
    i got the same call today .. then i search the review ..complaintsaboutbusiness saved me !!!
    thanks to this site ..


  40. my self latheef on 2`o clock i got a call from the same number and offered a job midday meal coordinator and they suggested to pay 1800 rupees. afeter sometime i glanced some comments regarding the fake of the same,it really helped me. aur mai iss dhoke se bach gaya thankssss

  41. Today,I also got call from 1206191600 but I timely checked their status here and understood they are big cheaters.CBI should trace this number and arrest all culprits who are cheating job aspirants.

  42. Even i got a call from so called urgent vacancies.com consultancy.They asked me too pay the same said amount …Thank God i didnt belived them and searched in google and gt these details….

  43. Hi guys,

    Today, i received call from +911203330600. same story, pay 1800 and get reputed IT company.
    And they were telling today is last day of registration.

    I asked tell me your job site details, first i will check at internet , he was socked for a while.

    I aksed him to call me tomorrow. Definetly , I am going to kick them out.

    Thanks for review, all these save others.

    Warm Regards,

  44. Chu . . . ..logo ki kami nahi galib…….Ek Dhundo…;.Hazar milate hai………..


    urgentcavancies and rojgaar.com

  45. Guys,
    Thanks very much for commenting here and thanks to each and everyone of you for sharing and discussing the happenings with you.
    Acutully I am getting call from them since last month.In the first call, they were not able to cheat me.I wasnt cought.I told them several fake reasons that I cant do the registration n all.I was then called again next day, Pooja singh was the name of the person who talked with me.She tried alot to manipulate me.But i was jst checking out for clues where i can assure myself that they are fake.Third day, she forwarded my call to a person she called her senior named Arwind.I asked him why are you costing 1800 and i also asked him that they should give some proof, as such any mail stating terms and conditions of their company n all.He asked me to do online submission of the form provided on their site and the confirmation mail i got he, told me is a proof.I would get same kind of mail on money transaction.I said to him that 1800 is a big amount, coz i knew tht usually consultants never take this much amount.I asked him that he should deduct amount from my first salary. whatever they want to charge, they should first provide me the job opportunity, and then take the compensation from my salary.But he directly refused.But then again I was sticked to my demand.So, he said tht they will take 1050 as a first installment, and then remaining 750 after the job.Now here I was cought,I said ok to do the registration, but fortunatly, my atm card was lost at that time, and fortunatly my call go disconnected,
    But those people again called me back.
    This time i waited, and asked myself to crosschek them,
    I askedfew frnds of mine,
    Some suggested not to go with thm, coz they ae forcing so much, some said not to go with them coz its a delhi consultancy, some said u can try to go assuming that 1000 will be wated if they dnt provide anything, u can try taking risk coz u are vigourously looking for job.
    I was confused.
    But they were still calling me.By this time they had called me nearly 20+ times.But I didnt recieve their single call.
    Now i let the time pass. but after a week or somthing they again called me.I didnt recieve.
    After about a month they called me. this time i recieved it mistakenly.And the same person was talkingt o me that mam, aapne upna registration complete hi nahi kiya, biche aapka call cut ho gaya n all.again she tried to convince me,This time I rudely told, that I dont trust them at all and and if they are true then they should not pressurise me.Out of rage, she just went on talking some rubbish things,And finally said I wont force you.You can ask your family, n all to assure abt this.And she said that i can anytime call her up if i have anydoubt.She alos chatted me on my personal things like how many members at ur home. wht do they do n all.
    They are so stickky people u know.Typical Dellhi ppl they are.
    Now she has again fixed a time from me so that she cud call me at tht time.
    But PEOPLE, reading your comments here, I would now save myself from such spams.
    But I am really very abgry about this.Why cant we lodge a complaint against them in the court, If they have cheated so many of us, so that they wont cheat any 1 elser than us now omwards.Please reply me if any is agrees to this,
    My id is nagpurkar.isha@gmail.com

  46. Thanks all…..before making the payment I googled for this company..and got ur comments..told the bloody rascals on their face (one guy Vikas) that ur all fraud and scamsters…!

    I empathy you and wishing you all your safe refund back… 🙁

  47. Even i got a call from Urgent job vacancies and soon after introducing, that person asked me to come online for registration. I refused as i was not online, now when i checked about the reviews… I am shocked. Again that lady will call me back by 5:30 PM. Definitely i will complaint about them. Together should make them punished for faking in people career.

  48. Same thing they were trying on me but I straight forward replied that I cant give you any money first you through proper detail then talk to me.

  49. All Domain detail are given below please read carefully and

    Registry Domain ID:
    Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.indiatimes.com
    Updated Date: 2013-09-13 00:54:26
    Creation Date: 2013-03-11 05:22:48
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-03-11 05:22:48
    Registrar: Times Internet Ltd.
    Registrar IANA ID: 1457
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
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    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: Sauber Energie
    Registrant Organization: Neu UrgentVacancies Career Services Pvt Ltd
    Registrant Street: G 65A Kalkaji
    Registrant City: New Delhi
    Registrant State/Province: Delhi
    Registrant Postal Code: 110019
    Registrant Country: IN
    Registrant Phone: +91.9873126555
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    Registrant Fax Ext:
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    Registry Admin ID:
    Admin Name: Sauber Energie
    Admin Organization: Neu UrgentVacancies Career Services Pvt Ltd
    Admin Street: G 65A Kalkaji
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    Admin State/Province: Delhi
    Admin Postal Code: 110019
    Admin Country: IN
    Admin Phone: +91.9873126555
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    Registry Tech ID:
    Tech Name: Sauber Energie
    Tech Organization: Neu UrgentVacancies Career Services Pvt Ltd
    Tech Street: G 65A Kalkaji
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    Tech Postal Code: 110019
    Tech Country: IN
    Tech Phone: +91.9873126555
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    Tech Email:
    Name Server: NS1.JUSTHOST.COM
    Name Server: NS2.JUSTHOST.COM
    URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System: http://wdprs.internic

  50. Hi all,

    I received a call from urgent vacancies regarding job vacancy. they offered Sr. Manager in a reputed organization. They requested to pay 1800 amount regarding registration. I started to check reviews then I found they are frauds. Thank god! I am saved from frauds. Before registring with any other third party consultants please check reviews.

    Believe on your luck and hard work and you will get job.
    I got call but did not encourage them and i refused and all the above comments proved it that its fake.

  52. They called me today..told me vacancy in jindal power plant pune.I started to check their websites
    got all reviews of you people.
    thanks to save me…and keep sharing…….

  53. today rahul call me and he is offering for job in pune he also asked me to pay 1500.
    after paying 1500 he again asking me to pay 5400 when i go through then i came to know that this this was fake offer….please suggest me where i should complaint and how i will get back my money…

  54. urgent vacancies.com ..
    name : poonam
    job offered in Jindal
    amount asked 2100
    there number: 011206191600
    a total fraud ..
    thank for posting the complaints ..so as others can be saved from ther fraud

  55. I just now received a call from the number +911204974500 (earlier called me from +911204912600).. They wanted 1550 in lieu of a job which would be 30-40% higher paying than my current job. They wanted me to make the payment on http://www.click2employment.com. I told them how desperate they were getting as they had called me 10 times despite i told them to call by 4 pm. I told them that i have recorded their conversation and the guy on the other side started giving me lecture about how rude i was. I started making fun saying “you scared me”… i believe everyone should come out against such fake websites/calls . DO not fall for any job promises against money. No placement agency charges money to get us interviews.


  56. I got the same call, they offered me a job in Barkley’s Finance, and asked to pay 2100/- for registration, which would be valid for 5 yrs., and no other charges, and as soon as I did this , a new form appeared , demanding aroung 7000/- more, then I got doubtful, had a heated discussion with them, and asked them a refund, but they refused to give the same. Thank God, I did not pay the rest amount. Anyway, we all, who have been cheated, should come forward and take some legal action.

  57. Thanks for the comments guys .. just nowi got call from +911206191600 urgent vecancies.com and asked to pay 1800..I told him to eait till tomorrow morning… i came to know the fact by lookin at the above comments.. let him call tomorrow. Iwill fuck him.. thanks for ur support…


  58. Even I lost money of 22,288/- please any one help me how can I get my money back from those bastards…when I have registered they said will refund all your amount back after you get a job in mnc… Now they are saying we can’t give your money and very rudely they are replying…any one plzzzzzzzZ help me I lost so much….

  59. I paid them 1050+1800 earlier and then asked me to pay around Rs.2640 for background verification. But I denied it. And after 1 month later they again call me and ask me to submit that amount and after that company will definitely hire me within 1 hour…They are fraud and we should take action against them…call me at 09508612524. If you wanna join me to take action against those fraud.

  60. This happened me yesterday.
    I lost 1500+5050+2100.
    Today i got a mail from them regarding documents for BG check.
    Can you please help how can i get my money back. Is there any way to catch them.

  61. Hello friends, This is Mudit Rai, I have been cheated by the same company, they have done a fraud of 10000 rupees, so, I just want to gather as much people as I can, for which I have created a page on facebook named “Fight against fraud companies”, please join the page as we will be laodging a complaint in the Delhi Cyber cell as soon as we reach the expected number (20-25) of people against this fraud urgent vacancies. Guys, this is an initiative taken by me, I need your support to make it fruitful.
    Mudit Rai

    1. Hi Mudit, I have liked your page “Fight against fraud companies” on facebook. And I wish others also do it as soon as possible so that we can take action against those frauds. Thanks for initiation.

  62. Hello freinds thanks for all your info that u posted .today on 18 dec 2013 i got the same call from the numbers mentioned above regarding job . i refused to pay the money . fuck off urgentvacancies

  63. I agree With Above Describes All sentences Becoz This Things Happened With Me ,

  64. Even I got a call from same company and I wasted my 5100 Rs. because I was stupid to trust them. Guys we should come together and do something to teach them a lesson. Please suggest something what we all can do to punish them.

  65. these guys called me on nov 23 evening .. i told them ill get back to them online in sometime. On googling reviews i see a big fraud gg on inthe name of Urgent vacancies.I am just ignoring their calls..thanking the other reviewers who have shared the details.


  67. Thank you guys….I also received a call from urgent vacancies today morning and they want me to submit 2100/- .

    thanks to all of you and this complaint box, who help me to save my money…

  68. This is the perfect site for anyone who wants to understand this topic.
    You understand so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic that
    has been written about for many years. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

  69. I have been fooled too by such kinda bastards from urgentvacancies.com. Earlier I got a call from the same no. u guys mentioned above & asked about my job search details and told me there is an opening in TCS,Tech Mahindra & Infosys for the HR profile according to ur preference & offering a package of 3 lacs for the fresher & could hike 10-15% more if u would negotiate.Also, they said u’d be getting an email mentioning all the interview questions with answers as we having tie ups with the HR who wuld take ur interview & job is 110% guaranteed.Interview would jus b a formality. OMG, dat tym only i thought sumthin is fishy. But i asked them to call me after 2 days as i need to discuss with my parents & I am getting several of calls from those cheapsters from the past two days. Firstly i thought 1500 is not a big amount if the job is guaranteed in such a big companies.but then a thought striked into my mind to have an online cross check ist regarding the website & read ur reviews. Now m nt goin to give a fck to dose bloody assholes. Heartily thanks to all for sharing ur reviews. But guys we shud file a strong legal action against dem..else ppl wud be getting looted unknowingly & those cheapsters wud be gaining a big amount by doing such kinda fraudulent to d innocent ppl who r evn rdy to pay any amount for getting a job.. guys pls beware & dont follow such kinda fraudulents happening to u, who r asking for any amount to get u a job.

  70. i also received call from urgent vacancies for 2100 but after reading these comment i save my 2100 thanks to all for such comment.

  71. I also received call from the same no. and after reading comments I didnot registered myself with this company (urgentvacancies.com/Rozgar.com)

    Thanks to all for your comments and guidance.

  72. do any one as their bank AC no. because I have found some…

    OS: URGENTVACANCIES. 22089749 0014083752
    OS: URGENTVACANCIES. 22088414 0014082921
    OS: URGENTVACANCIES. 22088086 0014082738

  73. Hey friends…same thing happen with me. I got a call from urgentvacancies.com for job in MNCs. They asked me to submit Rs. 2100. I told them i can submit my profile details but right now i am unable to pay this amount. And told them, after 3 hrs i will pay. and i start R&D about this company and its review. Finally because of u people & ur bad experiences i came to know about this fraud and fake company.

    Thanx to all guys nd this wesite ( http://www.complaintsaboutbusiness.in)………………

    Plzzz…….. one advise is from my side is never believe in such kind of calls. If u got a call from such company. First ask their details, review that then go for further processing…………….

  74. I also get tha call from urgent vacancies. they gie me same assurance about the job n ask me that r u comfertable to pay Rs.1500. so i said that i have to ask my family. so i ask for no.. He gave me no. 01203330600 name was Rvi anand.
    Thanks to you all.

  75. thanks guys ,

    i just recd call from above site , they told me same what you all share to all , but i told them let me think about , please call tomorrow , and i found this page .

    thank god

  76. Hi
    i also got call today from +911206638100 urgentvacancy.com they asked about my job profile and told me that they have urgent requirement in school and the school they mentioned i have never heard thae name of that school. They told me to pay 2100 by filling the form on their website and
    told this payment is for lifetime. I said give me time to think and lat me check ur website on net and call tomorrow. Luckily i read reviews and got saved. Please even if u need job before saying yes or giving money go through google. Google is our best friend in today world. And no job portal site ask for money online. Even consultants ask u to come at their office to do formalities. Lets see they will call tomorow or not.

  77. Many days back i had opted for resume display services on naukri.com. today i received a call from +911206191691 saying tat i have uploaded my resume in naukri.com and hence they have urgent requirements in TCS and reliance. they asked me to pay an amount of 2100. i said why should i pay extra amount so the caller said tat this is a direct interview and you’ll be not having any competitor. there will be onlyt 3 rounds . 1st a telephonic round, 2nd video conference and 3rd HR round. I found something fishy. Thank God while i was on call i read the reviews here and i disconnected the call.. Beware..

  78. Today i got a call from +911206191691 this number saying that i have uploaded my resume in nakukri.com and hence urgent requirements in wipro and tcs they asked to 1500rs and i read ur reviews so i disconnected the call beware of such calls……

  79. mere ko bhi kuch din pehle http://www.urgentvacancies.com ki taraf se call ayi thi.they say like thing for tata motors job regarding call and i will lost my 1500 rs.. i am so stupied na bt ab aage se kbhi rply nhi karna aisi fake calls ka hum sab ko mil kar inke against case karna chaiye….or apne paise wapus mangne chaiye…

    1. Go to cyber cell of crime branch of your area police station and lodge the complaint .I m sure police will help you for your money refund

  80. Hey folks …just got a call from +911206191691. Some lady informed about some openings in HCL.She tried to convince me that once u go for the interview you can convince the interviewer about the CTC and the notice period to be served.Obviously i knew by past experience that none of the MNCs ever charge anything from any candidates to get selected for any role.But these fellows told that the amount of 2100 is just for confirm offer letter.
    I had received so many calls like this in the past all surprisingly coming from Delhi(+911) code running fake rackets and trying to lure people in every possible ways.Sometimes they call to sell a card loaded with many benefits or sometimes they call to get you a job offer.I guess Unemployed youths of Delhi and Noida region have either nothing better to do or they are painfully short of any meaning full skills to fetch them any decent jobs in today’s marketplace.And hence they resort to all these things.
    We should exercise extreme caution as i have seen they have used the same modus operandi in all the past cases-Try to convince the customer to pay as soon as possible in whatever way they can.As obviously by now they know their fake stories wont stand grounds for long.

    1. got call from no. +911206191691 said he was calling from accenture . he told me to meet him online for document verification. i said i m busy right now send me your contact so i can call u back. after that his gone angry and asking me questions like do u really want job or not ??
      i told him m really busy and don’t hav time to argue with u . and i disconnected line. and now m searching for above no. and i got this list of complains of fraud.

  81. Today they called me up. But been to many interviews and knowing the procedures I easily understood what they are trying to teach me. Again they will call me they said tomorrow at 9:30 am. But they are very novice to be get caught. But guys stay alert its a complete fraud. You should have known IBM, TCS and WIPRO never hires in this manner.

  82. Today i received a many calls grom urgentvacancy.com. they told me that we should give u a job.pls deposite the amount of Rs. 2100/-. But i was read ur posts…Thank God …i did not lost my money.

  83. dear all,

    i also got the call from urgent vacancies. i searched and i saw these reviews. thank u all for having curtsy and writing these posts which are helping other people to beware. just to mention people, i also got a call from Quick4jobs.com earlier and i actually paid them 1200/- and then they asked me to pay 3000/- more but i refused. this is also one of the fraud consultancies from Delhi.

  84. today i got call from urgent vacancy .com they offered me some huge package that ‘s usually not possible for me current profile. they took some big name from the industry. but the way they were talking it seems the not nicely educated and they disclosing too much to me. after i talked there executive again i got call from them that this vacancy is open today and i have to deposit rs 1600 today only so i refused to pay any amount unless i verify status of ur website.
    but just now as i googled the name urgent vacancy so many complained floated..
    thanks all for sharing

  85. I got a call from +911206191691. They told me to pay of Rs. 2100/- for getting the job in wipro or Tcs from hyd location. Just i have searched in google about the urgentvacancies site, then i found your valuable suggetions saying that it is fraud. Thanks one and all.

  86. Dear all,
    Even one of my friend was cheated by this Urgent Vacancies company but he got back his money, so please guys do not lose ur hopes nor give up, keep calling them and sending mails. give police complain. Do not keep quite.

  87. Dear all. Even I lost money, I filed for a chargeback on my card with my bank citing fraud and got the money back. Please go to your banks, ask for a chargeback form if you have paid money through debit credit or net banking. File a chargeback and you will get your money back. The time limit for filing chargeback is 3 to 6 months

  88. Dudes i also paid the amount of 5124 and if i am calling them they are disconnecting my call and no proper response is getting for me and please help me dudes

  89. Thanks a ton guys good alert twrds this fraud company….. I also got a call from them today and am thankful to you people for this alert ……

  90. Guys,

    Enjoy talking with the agents but don’t get prey. I also received call from +91 120 6191691. I have nearly spoken for 1/2 hour and literally enjoyed it. They were speaking of Metro and Fly over projects of DLF at Guwahati which does not exist at all. Next time you have a call from Urgentopeinings.com just enjoy it. They got so frustrated that they will revolve around the payment procedures only. Beware and Be Safe.


    F**K O*F U FRAUDS.

  92. Thank you somuch for all of them even i got a call today to pay 2360 to register . so just want to check about that company and i thin i reached write place for help .Than you for saving me

  93. bharati pattanaik

    Just now even i also got a call from *** callcentre and the same story was explained by them which you people are aware of it. And i heartfully thanking u all my dear friends. By ur feed back i gt secured by bluffing them.we are the we have to serious action on them. U people are educated then also bluffed by them then jst thnk of the them who are nt at al aware of this ****** .pleassseeee take some serious action.And that to they are saying that they have 150 branches in india and 200 branches in abroad. And the executive people talking buttler english hw funny na…..

    “””””””” JAI HIND JAI BHARAT”””””””

  94. bharati pattanaik

    That **** are saying that even they will give us a govt.job without any exmination and all plz anyone of u are from NOIDA plz make a complaint on them plzzzz
    If u people really want to serve ur pals from these non sence then plz report immidietly PLEASE

  95. hii me too got a call frm urgentvacancies They asked me to pay 2100rs before getting job then after gettimg job ur money will be refunded but thanks to u all guys.I was having a doubt also bhey were offering a high package of approx 4-5 lacks as a starting offer.It seems to be awkward.Me too think that they are fraud.Thanks to u guys once again plz share ur comments in future also.

  96. hii me too got a call frm urgent vacancies from number11206180100 They asked me pay 2100rs I had a doubt they were willing to complete all the procedure in 1 day via online I had a doubt so searched in net.Thanks a lot u guys.I too think dat they are fraud bcoz they are offering an initial package of 4-5.5lacks This sounds sumthing awkward for freshers.Thanks once again

  97. All thanks to your comments, I could save thousands of rupees. The idiot guys don’t even know the name of their site and asked me to log on to urgentvacancy.com. as soon as i typed this on Google i could see your comments. Scolded the guy on phone, humiliated him and disconnected the call.
    By the way, their latest number is +911206191691

  98. Hello Frnds,
    I am another fool like u all,they call me today.and said all the same things,i was paid Rs 2360/- including service tax,,and after that they said i have to talk with some other senior person and when i talk him,i said i have to on some other option i.e: career service under that background verification,for verification of documents they have to charge Rs. 5730/- including again service tax,i didnt pay any other amount.i lost Rs 2360/-.
    they said they have govt approved every thing ,that’s y they charged service tax.any other portal doesn’t do any thing with govt approval.,they are totally fraud ..we all have to file case on them and we all have to be together….we have to do some thing for shutdown their firm,
    URGENTVACANCIES.COM are totally fraud……
    unka kehna h k mam hm 5100/- k liye apni crores ki company me fraud q krenge ,,plz help me out what should i do…plz help me and do something….
    they talk with me approx more then an hour…
    Humne jab kaha hum apki marzi k bank account se transaction ni kr paynge to fir badi mushkil se razi hue,,,hmri marzi ki bank se transaction k liye or fir badi asani se transact ho gya or amt deduct ho gya…or aage k amt to bacha liye ,mgr jo loss hua h vo to ho gya h,but hm apne jaise ap logo ko bachana chahte h,,,plz go through with all reviews,,,,
    i have another interesting news for u all,vo ye k hmre jis bank se hmne transaction kia hmre us bank me hmne zyada amt ni rkha hua tha actualy kam amt jis account me tha uske jan bhujh k transaction kia h,,,
    yha ek review hmne dekha jisme ek bande k excess amt deduct ho chuka h,,,to hmne blnc amt a/c se nikal lia or jb bank gye to pta chala k waha already koi account onl9 payment k sath chadkhani karne ki full koshish me tha..plz beware of all these frauds….

  99. prameela yaduwanshi

    same thing happend to me they had made me a fake promise for getting job they told me pay only 1685 for registration after paying that amount they told me that ur profile is not submited you have to fill a form aftr that it will create they continued the procedure and them 9200 amount is deducted from my account. Then again they told ur account is not created the again told me to follow the same procedure as they instruct again 2690 is deducted from my acunt. As they tols 2 and3 will not be chargable but it has charged total amount was 10885. So please I neeed help from you please refund me my money and take a strict action…


    Friend , I also got a call from urgentvacancies.com from no. +911206191691 (a new no.). They got me to make a profile on their website and i did but when it come to payment i wanted to check the review about them so i refuse it and asked them to stay 1 hours . but now i am not gonna do this right now.

  101. Dear Friend,
    this is very frad company i also lost of 2100+service amount…
    the website name is http://www.urgent vacancies.com they are contact to me the no is +911206191691..so don’t believe this one.this is fake one….


  102. I think. a written complain required against the company and also consumer forum for fraud . It will help many job seekers.

  103. yes same thing happened to me to guys .. thev called me on dec 2013, took my money and till date there is nothing from those bastards .. they just know how to take money from youll .. i really want to screw these guyss .. the address says delhi … hey any one filed a complain against these guys to cyber crime branch ?? i m gonna do it soon … i wann take my money back and i wann fine them for wasting my time on those shit .. any body interested in going delhi with me at their office pls le me knwow .. i wanna f**king burn them alive . c2apurva@gmail.com .. thats my email … if you all are victum of this a**holes and youll want your money back then lets do it …. sent me a message ..

  104. Today I got the same call from urgentvacancies.com, the job was for TCS . First they asked me to register on thier sites and create a membership ID and then to proceed with the Payment process through online.. Thanks to all you Guys for the reviews you have provided about this fraud Company.

  105. Hii Guys my name is Santosh Talwar from Goa,I got cheated by urgent vacancies fraud company, I got a call today morning at around 9.30, dated 25th April 2014, from http://www.urgentvacancies.com by name Vikas Shinde, since it was my working time, saying that my CV has been short listed in IBM company as Network Engineer,and he told me to come online to register my self for further process and have to
    pay Rs 2100/- with text it was RS 2360/- , he told me to go cyber cafe to fill the form since I was out of the office, I told him I don’t have net access so he started insisting me to go to cyber cafe I said I cant, I have to go to office cuz I am getting late so he said he will call in 10 min exactly after sometimes I get a call again that time I was already in the office planning to go for outfield work, than I thought its a small amount I said okay I will pay if he is assuring me about job with good salary of 35000 to 40000 that to in IBM, so I dint mind paying that mount, soon after paying it through my Debit Card, he said he is transferring my call to HR Vijay for further reference details he spoke to me for sometimes told me to click on the website page on Background Verification and again Rs 5100/- popped out he made me to pay that also saying its important for the company to know about my background details, I was shocked because the previous guy VIkas Shinde had told me only Rs 2100/- that I have to pay.I asked HR Vijay that the old guy hasn’t told me about this he said its a company rules I have to pay. I still paid that amount too. I did asked him about the refund he said refund is no chance only because I am getting offered by good company with good salary package I started doubting about being cheated by this fucker Vijay.I was in tensed because I had already paid that
    is Rs 2360+5730=8090 this much of amount was debited from my account and it was my hard earned money frustrate that I lost my money because of this cheaters,.and on top of that that Vijay is telling me to pay Rs13000/- more I was annoyed totally because they never told me that there will be more money will be asked. My full day it was a mess and wasted of time talking to these burgers and wasted my money paying them. Vijay a second person was forcing me to pay Rs 13000/- any how because he has to complete the process and disturbed 100 time calling for that money.I couldn’t effort to pay because I realised it was fake and I was cheated by this crooks. so for that remaining
    Rs 13000/- he said he will call me tomorrow morning , so I thought I would find some information about this fake sites and all you peoples I found helpful reviews about the urgentvacancies fake site and fake promises and helped me to save Rs 13000/- I am waitng for that bastards call in the morining to screw him very badly.because he is waiting for my Rs 13000/-..
    Guys we have to do something to stop this fraud there will be many other our brothers and sisters have become victims like me. and we should not give chance to any one in future to became victims of this fraud fake urgentvacancies. please give me some advice how to get my refund back??? and want to take strict action against this cheaters..
    please contact me cell No: 91 9923569396
    Email: santosh0306@gmail.com

  106. I even received a call from them..they have asked me to deposit 5000/-…i was out and asked for sometime…after comng home,i googled it….found it is a freud ompany…..

  107. sanjay admane

    Dear all
    i am also got cheated from urgent vacancies & lost rs.16800/ & i asked them for refund they are usaying that they will beat me so please forward this message so that nobody will get cheated in the future .

  108. they are no. 1 cheaters.we all should get together and file a case against all these bloody cheaters.
    mehnat ka paisa chori se lena yahi dhyanda hai in sab ka.
    So frndzzz its a request from me to all of you we should take some serious action against them.
    we should teach them a lesson.
    those awho are interested can call me at 9813664674

  109. Dear Reader,
    urgent vacancies is a job portal. A person made a call saying he has urgent openings with top most software companies. He has immediate opportunity and already my profile got selected for that. He asked me to pay 2100+300 services charges online. So i have paid that amount now he says that i need to pay 5100+500 service tax if not my resume will not have background check up and not available for the openings. I have received call from no’s +91120619169 and +914449092550. So i say the urgent vacancies are making money with job less people with false and junk harassment forcing and convincing to pay the amount online

  110. Dear Reader,
    urgent vacancies is a job portal. A person made a call saying he has urgent openings with top most software companies. He has immediate opportunity and already my profile got selected for that. He asked me to pay 2100+300 services charges online. So i have paid that amount now he says that i need to pay 5100+500 service tax if not my resume will not have background check up and not available for the openings. I have received call from no’s +91120619169 and +914449092550. So i say the urgent vacancies are making money with job less people with false and junk harassment forcing and convincing to pay the amount online
    i have got my transaction details like this mentioned below.


    10:39 AM (2 hours ago)

    to me
    Dear raju adepu


    We hereby acknowledge the receipt of INR 2360.0 on date 2014-06-24 10:39:26 and the same has been credited to your account
    Details of the payment are mentioned below:

    Transaction detail

    Relationship Number : UV55155_UP2
    Subscriber Number : 8978039991
    Payment Date & time : 2014-06-24 10:39:26
    Payment Amount (Rs) : 2360.0
    Payment Mode : Online

    Purchase details

    Product name Regional / National
    Product Price Rs 2100
    For any further support, please feel free to write in to us @ orders@urgentvacancies.com and escalation@urgentvacancies.com.
    We appreciates your business and welcomes your feedback/suggestions.

    Warm Regards,
    Team Urgentvacancies

    1. You can login to your account by clicking on the link :Signin here

      In case you want to reach to us for any queries, please write to us at info@urgentvacacy.com

      In case you have questions or need further assistance, call us on ********** . We would be //
      no number mentioned. }glad to help you. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  111. Hi all Urgentvacancies.com is fake they called me first told me this is Gov. job then told me no no its private job and they are not telling their name and about website also.Fake

  112. kaustubh ponkshe

    Hello Friends..
    Today I got a call from urgent vacancy ..the guy on other side talking in Hindi reg job opening with IBM wipro ..i was about to submit the form but my basic instinct stopped me doing so…
    I refused to pay…Finally I googled about same & found this blog.
    i suggestion to all victims to get together & at least register FIR against the company ….
    otherwise they will keep cheating like this….

  113. Hello Friends…
    I got a call from urgent vacancy Miss Arti Rawat 13.03.2014 from number 01206638100 and 01206191691
    I Also make a payment three stage which are to be first payment is 2360/- dated 15.03.2014
    second is 5730/-dated 15.03.2014 and third was 5730/- dated 20.03.2014.
    total payment was 13820/- i also call him for my job they told me your experience is more as we required then they want take some time to call me.

    Now i want to know what i do against him.

  114. Thanks to all of your reviews about this fake………..urgentvacancies.com. I also got call from those cheaters today afternoon (09/08/2014) and they asked me about my details like where I am working, when I have completed studies……blah,blah….so it will look like a telephonic interview to us. I also trapped because they said that, they had vacancies in Tata Power and Reliance Power. They ask me to choose which company I prefer and after they told me to pay Rs.2100 secure deposit amount to the Tata company only otherwise they won’t give their profile to us.
    They forced and convincing me to pay the amount but I didn’t due to insufficient amount and I asked two days time. After that searching all of your golden words I got.

    Once again Thanks to you all who rescued me from this trap……

  115. Chandra Mohan Singh

    Dear All

    like this kind of online froad direct take help from your bank, today with the help of my bank HDFC i got my total amount of 20,230 for this fake websites.

  116. Same here they call me and take my 8000 rs and now they want 11000 for final process and after all ur comments i thinks its time to do some thing. He will call me at 2 pm and then i f**k him like no one do..they called me with this no … +91 120 619 1691

  117. Hey guyz..
    Thanx for Give me gidence about this .
    Today I receive a call nd he say same thing
    firstly I belive nd happy about it but after he says Telk me ur debit card no. or atm no .
    then I do question about confirmation letter .
    he satisfy me nd I repeate about prouf that then
    we think about us . nd search in google then I realize about that fraud .

    guyz urgentvacancies are totally fraud ………….

    jago requuter jago….

  118. Dear guys,
    Don’t pay any single money for phone call jobs they r totally fraud and cheat. request all to check the website before this type of payment..


  119. today i also got a call from urgentvacancies.com n they cheated me by taking rs 8000 from my account. is there any way to get my money back? please help me out coz as soon as my father will know all this he’s gonna kill me..i know it was my mistake that i came into the words of those frauds..

  120. i have also recieved call from same number +91 120 663 7800.
    they told me that they told me that my resume is selected in ibm and i have to register to http://www.widyalaya.com. i refused them to pay money and so in fruad ke chakkar me mat aana. name change kar karke aapko lutate he. be aware of these fraud.
    thanx for other comment to save my money.

  121. today i got a call from this company. he told me paying 2100 rs with service tax. he is calling again and again. i did not know about this company. it is fake or not then what should i do? please give me you suggestion.

  122. Laxmi Narayan Padhy

    same things happen with me they called me and said that, my profile has been forwarded to them they asked me to submit the details but not ask me to share the pin and during the conversation ultimately they asked me to make the payment which was 5730 again they asked me to move for further payment by saying that they didn’t get ref. number, in tottal i have made a payment of 11683, also they changed there number +911206191691 ana other number +911206638100. i have registerd with hidden jobs before. now will anyone help me by guiding me how would i file complain again’t these absurd , cheap level, peoples.

    Dear All,

    Kindly complaint aganist this fraud company “URGENTVACANCIES.COM ,to our Bank Service provider,Kindly tell your Bank Customer Care and file Dispute against this Company.

    Laxmi Narayan Padhy

  123. Laxmi Narayan Padhy

    Dear All,

    Please come on facebook and twitter social media and spread it ,also complaint on consumer affairs department through Public Grievance portal. http://pgportal.gov.in/ .Kindly ledge FIR on Crime Branch.

    Laxmi Narayan Padhy

  124. I too have been frauded by Urgent Vacancies like others, I have lost almost 90000 rupees at first in the name of providing job and then in the name of refunding my money back. A guy with a name of Jatin called me and asked me to pay another some of money for deactivating the services.

  125. I too have been frauded by Urgent Vacancies like others, I have lost almost 90000 rupees at first in the name of providing job and then in the name of refunding my money back. A guy with a name of Jatin called me and asked me to pay another some of money for deactivating the services. Sir I request you to take a step against them so that they cannot do this to anyone else.

  126. Same case happen here I loss my 9436 rupeeps but they again call me after 10 month and he told me sir we r refund your money but you have transfer 3000K in ICICI Bank at this account no 039605001892. And then we transfer total 9436+3000 in your account.

  127. mohammed zeeshan

    I too got the same phone call from easy jobs phone no +917428795100 and they asked me to tansfer rs 2100 to a/c no of sachin kumar a/c no 33574048069 of sbi then got daught why sachin kumar why not company then i thought of seeing the public view and thanks for your valuable views to save me from this fraud my mob no is 9845855655 and i am a graduate in civil engineering from karnataka

  128. Laxmi Narayan Padhy

    Dear All,
    Kindly contact your debit and credit card provided bank customer care and tell it.As per Visa and Maestro card rule
    section 75 consumer credit act. 1974, If online murchant was not provided his commitment or fraud against purchase.We will applied in our bank as a chargeback and dispute.

    Laxmi Nrayan Padhy
    My E-Mail id- laxmi_padhy@rediffmail.com

  129. even i got a call from such no. bt i knew they were fraud bcoz they told me they can put me on a job at mncs like TCS, WIPRO etc and asked me to come online as soon as possible and register on http://www.urgentvacancies.com and pay rs. 2100..
    I already heard a lot about such fraud cases so i refused to register…..

    also the true caller app on my android phn showed it as a spam so it further confirmed what their intentions were… luckily i didn’t got cheated like other guys…
    plz. guyz don respond to any such phn calls or mail and go to the nearest police station if you have been cheated by them so that they can ban such sites and prevent others from such fraud…… there is a separate IT cell for dealing with such online frauds and you will also get your money back…. ☺

    1. GUYS plz share this ye FRAUD website http://WWW.NAUKRIOVERSEAS.COM naa jane kitno k saath FRAUD kr raha hai abhi v so please sabhi isse share kr k sab ko ye jankari do ki ye website fake hai…ye sab ko job assistance ki facility dene ka wada krta hai aur amount payment krwa kr FRAUD krta hai

  130. GUYS plz share this ye FRAUD website http://WWW.NAUKRIOVERSEAS.COM naa jane kitno k saath FRAUD kr raha hai abhi v so please sabhi isse share kr k sab ko ye jankari do ki ye website fake hai…ye sab ko job assistance ki facility dene ka wada krta hai aur amount payment krwa kr FRAUD krta hai

  131. Dear Friends,

    Today I got a call from Shine.com. A person in Hindi (more of Bhojpuri) language called and said me that whether I am looking for a job. I said yes. Then he asked me for the last company where I worked and the package. Then he said since you have almost 2 years of experience, therefore you will get a extremely good job offer in Bajaj Allianz (in operations/ Finance). Package will be anywhere between 5.50 to 6.00 lacs P.A. I said that I want a much better job in a much better company. So the person handed over the call to his senior named “YOGESH”. He said that you will have to pay an amount of Rs. 2100/- + service tax @ 14%, i.e. 110. You will get a challan in the name of shine.com and your service will remain valid for lifetimeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Friends I am already registed with NAUKRI.COm paid service…where I am receiving good job offers and also appearing for the interviews. No companies will be paying you Rs. 5 to 6 lakhs until unless you have more than 5 to 6 years of skilled experience. That’s for sure. I said him to call me at 11:30 today on 19/11/2015. In between I cal Shine.com customer care 01244326930 and asked them whether the call I received from this number is a valid number and whether its fake…..the shine.com person replied to me straight that …Sir, it’s totally fake and we do not charge any amount for getting any job. Only if you get selected in a company…..after working for 1 month in the company a part of the salary might be paid.
    So as per the given time that “SHIT”…”Yogesh” from fake shine.com called me. He then asked me to go to a link in my yahoo.com. The mail he sent to me was a link….from Techguru Institute of technologies pvt ltd…..with email of some…”hotels.faisal.gmail.com” written on it. he said me to apply and click on the link. I then asked him how come the link is having techguru institute of technologies pvt ltd written on it? He said that after you make payment this link will generate you a invoice of Rs. 2100 + 110 servce tax in the name of Shine.com. Then I said why the name hotels.faisal@gmail.com generated? He said that he is not woking direct;y with Shine.com. I said I will not register with him.
    The man got very angry as he realised that I was able to detect his fradulent works……..he said to me “SIr, if you do these kind of things you will never ever get any jobs”. I said I will call the police…..he said me call dgp, cbi, cid whosoever you like.
    Then I just put down the call and disconnected the line. So, friends beware of fraud job site…..as no one can give you jobs with money…it will require your education, khowledge, skills, and experience. For fresher I would suggest to go for some small salary jobs and have 3 to 4 years of experience and auomatically you will get good job offers. Study hard and beware of fake jobs. All the best.

  132. Jogendra choudhary

    Plz sir aapke product me bluetooth nahi tha or memory card not working & power bank not working plz my help mail kare ya call my mob.no.7424866527 I’m is a poor boys