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Dear Sir/Mam, i have received a call from , they told me this jobportal offer me a job ‘offer letter” and told me to submit only 1800 rupees online and they will give me tha job offer letter .They told me further charge not required . I submit the 1800 rupees online , after submit my rupees they told me the another word , they told me now your profile is uncomplete and you are required to submit another transaction but not any other charge will be deducted from your debit card account. they told me this online page will be stay only 2 minutes so i submit quickly. After sometime when i checkd my atm debit card i saw that they deduct rupees 13000/- . sir they are fraud and cheated with me.They called me from +91120691600 and +911203330600 told me their office is new delhi.I lost around 15000 rupees and please help me out.

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234 thoughts on “ – Fraud

  • amal poulose says:

    same thing happend to me

    • nishant says:

      I mistook same.
      Did you get this amount till now?
      if not then contact me on +919427639686.
      I am from Gujarat.

      We will see them.

      • arpit says:

        They are a cheat, today I lost 2100 rupees.
        as soon as I paid them, they asked me to pay Rs 5100 more for application for job call in some of the biggest firms in India. I found it suspicious and did not pay any further amount.

        So I lost Rs 2100 only, guys please be beware of such websites.

        • saumya says:

          i also went thru the same.i paid 2100+tax n then 2460+tax.We had a fight over phone for the payment n they said they ll cancel my profile.

        • sagar dixit says:

          i got call from urgentvacancies today.
          abhay raj panday was name of the caller.
          he was asking me to pay 2100 rs for job in big mncs
          i knw he is fake…n while in call i googled it…
          n i got this result that the number is fake 01206638100.
          b i caught him as a fake person…i demand his persnl email id n phone number as he rejects all…as i refused to pay 2100…he was shouting at me that i actually understands hes a fraud…
          plz beware of these piece if shitt….

          • Absolutely right. This is the case of cyber fraudulent.

            Today i posted a query about mobile phone with and can’t figure out where the hell these idiots called me from.
            And got call from the same number (+911206638100), also their “sir” called me from +911206191691.

            They said I have to make payment of 5100 to them ( and a code will generate that will give me discount. Ch***ye s**le! 😀

            I got information as:
            Name: Aditya
            Address: Delhi, connaught place B block 156 Monica LG

            Beware of these kind of call where they insist you to make immediate payments. Have safe surfing.

            • RAHUL says:

              Thanks dude !
              Today I got call from them and after watching review. I get aware of this fraud company .

      • manasa says:

        the same thing happend to me they asked to pay 1050 but they deducted 13000…and recently they called me and are saying that i got selected in reputed mnc so u need to undergo some protocals like registration by paying amount of 5000 …..this amount will be refundable on ur first salary…till now i didnot get my 13000 back how can i trust them and pay 5000 again…what should do to get my money back please someone help me

    • Nishant S Mevawala says:

      I missed my money (1800 + 8490 + 3088.78 + 13929.30)
      And I have been recorded them voice.

      So, you can also take my help into your Mistake.

      Don’t follow Urgent Vacancies Company and Roozgaar Company from Delhi-Nodia.
      Both are totally fraud working to gather.

      Do not talk with them employees?
      Employees Name Like
      – Suraj Tragi
      – Aman Varma
      – Rahul
      – Anurag
      – Vinit

      Contact Details : +911203330600, +911206191600, +911204957400, +911204855950

      My Name : Nishant S Mevawala
      Facebook :
      Contact No : 09427639686

      Any problem send me facebook Friend Request or directly contact me.

      • I was contacted by urgent vacancy today and they told me that i will get my security refund within two hours … and also was promised a job offer letter directly.. i m an idiot to believe them.. amount paid = 2700+5100+5100 = 12900.. please help me gt my refund ….

        • ajinkya says:

          THANKS for all your review about this website. i m just going to register on this and thought first to check reviews. i saved my money because all of you

        • arnab de says:

          i have also been cheated about 40 -50,000. Then i saw this review and not spent a single money after this …………… Please i want this money refunded from urgentvacancy

      • AMLAN says:

        the same thing happened to me, but I was alerted by seeing all this comments of yours,,,,thanx all of u for sharing your thoughts against cyber crime and bewaring other victims,, every one should be aware of any fraudalents going on……noone would be going to a job by taking money ….keep this in mind

        • Bhagwat says:

          I am going to suffer same at mention on reviews but now knew to me what actually they want. Bahinc**ot…. Marathi mansala fasavan sop rahil nahi makdano..I HATE URGENT VACANCY..
          Thanks yaar.

      • Amol says:

        Same thing happen with me. i lost my 9000 rs. it feels very hurting. I am going to kill them, if i found any one of them

    • Prince Kumar says:

      Same thing happened with me also guys…
      They had cheated1800+3990 from me also..
      if i hd read these comments b4 paying the amount…
      then my money also would be saved…..
      but, we cant shut our mouth like this..
      we have to stop them…

    • P S Negi says:

      Go to cyber cell of crime branch of your area police station and lodge the complaint . I m sure police will help you 100%

    • samir says:

      thank you…man!!!!
      I also got a call n they asked me to pay online…Thank god!!! I checked the reviews…m saved.!!

      • suchismita says:

        Today i also got a call from urgent vacancy. some Ajay told me to pay 2360/-. b4 pay i checked the review n saved. Thank you all of you.

    • Shut down says:

      Please join this page to shut them down. Hopefully someone will take notice and take action then.

  • vasu says:

    i received a call from such that need to pay 1800rs to get selected in L and T. i checked the wrbsite and its very original. so i paid 1800. then again asked me to pay 5600rs to submit application. i got suspicious and searched the mob no they used. many people got scheated in different company names from same above no. so dont believe such kind of calls. thank god i lost oly 1800rs. they r doing this as a job from Ghaziabad U.P from a call centre. i am going to lodge a complaint against them soon.

  • Robin Das says:

    I would like to thank you for helping me in my job hunt. As you have given me 9 job reports out of that i have received 2 to 3 positive response.
    I paid initially 1800 and 3990 for job assistance 🙂
    Iam satisfied, brothers I don’t know the other cases

    • jayaram says:

      you are a fraud

    • diya aggrawal says:

      u r fucking fraud bastard

      • kapil Dev says:

        kindly note it they are cheater but you have to left your contact also because they are making fraud day by day we have to generate a group together and should have to take an action against this fraud company.

        • Shab says:

          Muze b 2 bar cl kia from same no. and muze b 1800 bharne bola thank god ……. maine net pe search kia pehle …… mai to bach gai…… aiso ki to cyber crime me report kar deni chaiye….

          • Nabarun Majumdar says:

            the same guys called me today!!! & asked me to pay sum of rs 2100 tellin the money will be refunded to me within 2 days after intervw!!! by sheer luck i escaped their trap as my net conection due to sme reasons broke. & so now i just casualy searched for reviews abt them & whoaaa!!! A number of candidates have been duped by them!!! 🙁
            Such people should be sued!!!! bastards!!! :-X

          • sbk says:

            maine same tere jaisa hi kiya pahle net pe chk out kiyaa or then skip kar diya

    • kapil Dev says:

      Tukka lag gaya to jyada khus mat hona

      • Firdous says:

        Actually, its a chain. First of all, how they come to know that we have applied to such company. Actually, they are paying to some job sites and then will get our data and access to job site with all the resumes and further details. And they also know that to which job u applied. The problem is take action against those big sites who are giving information to such recruiters. They are outsourcing our resumes and personal data. Thanks. I have heard that its like their motto.
        Big sites says- We are having great fun. U also have some fun by paying to us. I mean the recruiters pay thousands of rupees to big job sites to gain access to your resumes. This is all business. Beware , my advice is attend direct interviews and dont pay single money at first.

  • Shanaya says:

    I don’t know why you faced this problem. Even i got a call from and i got my resume made by them. When i Received the resume it was wonderful and after uploading i immediately got several job offers.

    now i am employed and working all thanks to their services

  • paresh says:


    I too got a call from
    They told me that my resume has been selected and asked me to pay rs 1800.

    I work in IT field and I am already aware of this kind of fruad.
    So I told him that I am not interested at all and I will file a complain if they call me again.

    those who have faced this fraud should file a legal complain about it as complaining online will not help.
    If you file a legal case then only these guys will be caught and you will get the money back.

    Also I would like to tell you if anyone is asking money for a job then goto google reviews before making any decision.
    money in exchange of job is an offence.

  • akshay waghmare says:

    i also got call from,but at the moment when the caller named imran told me to come online for registration procedure, i got some doubt in mind, i refused and say that i am unable to come online now i will come online after two days.& ask him about web address of your job placement comsultancy.& now when i was seraching detail about it.i found this remarks.thank god i didnt pay any amount.i request to cyber crime restrict such people who taking advantage of people who are desperate about job.

  • As all people are saying that they hav got some fake call from “” it is completely true but i also got the same ring on ma no.,,,he told me to give me job and i would have paid Rs.1800 and told me 2 come online for registration pay them money through debit card…they are making fool to others and i also know that cyber officers know about them .and still they r not taking some serios steps against them…they are taking advantage of people who r desperate about job……

  • phanikiran says:

    i too got a call from urgent vacancies but after getting their amount they even refused to attend my call

  • jery says:

    i got today a call from +91120330600. He told me about a vaccancy in cochin & asked to login their website & transfer rs 1800/-. I asked him to get lost.
    previously i got the same type of call from another So please beware of these fraudsters

  • NEHA says:


  • swati says:

    Thanks all of who give review & experience here. i am also getting call from urgent vacancy from last three days so many time they try to insist me to payout rs1499. But now i understand about them they are totally fraud. thanks again to all you save my money.

  • Khara Nanda Koiraka says:

    Again the same call to me also from the same number and same showing the job Opportunity.
    Can you plz. guide me?
    Fraud na?????????

  • Safiuddin says:

    Just got a call from some ‘Giri’ (911206191600)asking me the exact same thing, pay 1800. I smelled something fishy and thanks to you all now I know what to do. I was supposed to be online now and instead I am here commenting on this site. Wish we could lodge a formal complaint and get these guys arrested and punished. They just can’t keep looting people like this. Hope we are able to save many more people with the help of this site.

    • Chellapandian says:

      I had received a call from the same number that you mentioned. iam alert now by seeing these comments. thankssssss…

  • faraiz says:

    Any good consultancy will never charge to candidate for job. Only fraud company doing like this. Dear friend those who are asking money, according to my knowledge they are 100% fraud. So be careful. Lot of good job sites are there, you can upload your resume & get direct response from company.

  • amol says:

    I also call from the same no form two days.. i call me go urgenly on line and picked you Debit card.
    and do the transation for rs 1850 / i refuesd and say i dont have . ATM in my pocket.. so they told me
    Give your friends ATM card.. for this is very fast/.. your last chance to getting nice job with reputed IT com. I think this fraud.. BECAUSE.. no one is Getting PAYMENT EARLY>even they KNOW YOU PERSNALY… FRIENDS IF ANYBODY>> WITH ME>>WE WILL FIGHT THE SAME>> MAY BE THEY call me AGAING.. IN NEXT DAY.. .. I talk them very roughly .BUT THEY STILL WANT TO GIVE ME JOB.. WHY>>>>>? .

    • siddesh kb says:

      I also call from the same no form two days.. i call me go urgenly on line and picked you Debit card.and do the transation for rs 2100 / i refuesd and say i dont have but also some how i arraged the amount and paid after that he told me to pay 9718 rs i also paid and agian he told
      wipro company is in online .. for intivew so now u agian pay 5000rs he told . after 1 week i got cal from same number that they vll refund they told to come again online i qustion him to tranfer amount why i should be online.. without the things they made me to pay 9178 again .. totally 2100+9718+5000+9178= 25996 amount. i paid .. what hel peoples are they are they given birth from one father or more i dont kow . i think more fathers.. plz help me to get the money ..

      • Subhomoy Mukherjee says:

        Hi Siddhesh,

        I have lost 15K too. We need to fight against it together. Do you have a plan?

        Subhomoy Mukherjee

        • Ganesh Sahu says:

          I have also been fruad by They called me on 25-nov-2013 they told me that their is an interview in bhuwneswar day after tommoro for mhindra satayam or TCS and asked me to fill online from in and then i have lost 1500 Rs. They said that they will provied sure job placement to me and later i get it know this is a fack site and they are looting the peoples and also they have a fake bank a/c named icici bank. They want me pay them upto 7000 for the documentation process but at the next process after paying 1500 and generating oder no. they asked me to do more of 2100 Rs. payment then i refused to do more payment then they said we are going to make you pay 7000 for documentation process. and also i don’t have enough money left in my a/c then to make the other payment . when i asked them that you haven’t told me about this extra payment then they said it is been decided by the compnies and not by them.
          And when i asked them to refund my money they refused to do that. and also they offer that if i pay them about 3000 to4000 more after the payment of 1500 which i have paid to them they will clear my documentation part in that amount also.
          And get to know about those MF later that MF are all Fruad and looting those peoples who are in search of jobs.
          I want that those MF should get a hard punishment for this fraud. which they are doing with the peoples.Of which i am also a victim.

          I wish those MF they should never rest in pease in their whole life.

        • SOUMEN NANDY says:

          Dear Subhomoy

          I also lost Rs. 2100/-+2460/- = 4560/- dated on 18-12-2013. I appreciate you and telling you, we need to fight together against the fraud company Urgent Vacancies. com.
          Many person has lost their money like me and you.
          Please put your mobile no.


      • anup v kulkarni says:

        Hey hi this is Anup ….same thing…same problem…they call me for same…and i paid same amount for same company…did u get ur money back…if yes then pls help me to get my money back pls help me…yr and reply me on

        • P S Negi says:

          Go to cyber cell of crime branch police station of your area and lodge the complaint .I m 100% sure police will help you for your money refund

  • jayaram says:

    n 14/10/2013 i got call from one no ie 911206191600 told me to come online
    he told me to open and suggested me to fill the form after that
    he told me to pay the amount of Rs.1800 (CV Blast) through internet banking so that he can give appointment order immidiatly so i paid also after that he asked me to pay again Rs 6200=00 i came to know that its a fraud i told him that i dont have a money i may need one day to arrange the amount. next day again he callled i asked him give me my money back he said not possible and disconnected the phone. after that i cound not reached him the number was temporarily out of service.the number he gave me was 01203330600.

  • Taher says:

    Hi dear frnds,

    today I also got the call from +911-20-3330600 and we the people of India can’t do anything against anything as the laws and the rules are not for good and innocent people, they are for only people who are cheating our country, our country will never grow unless we get good politicians’, who will not think of themselves and who will only think of India and the people of India. Please the People of India become one and don’t fight between our self because of cast creed or any other reason, as god has made us one.
    Come and unite this country so that we the people of India live a happy and a peaceful life.

  • shan thomas says:

    me too get a call. they told to pay rs1800 and i had done with it. after that they told like to pay rs13000. so i felt some cheating and i didnt done with the process.. guys please dont go into such traps

  • aman mishra says:


  • today i also got the same call from, they call to to give job in Dell, Ahmedabad. and said me to submit 1800 Rs for that job. he asked me in very good and attractive manner….some of my mind goes to them , and i think they are right…they give me time to think…and if satisfied come online…i seach online and found you all’s comments. THANKS TO YOU ALL…for awairing me such a CHEAP FROUD.

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